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i made the best music you will ever hear


Logan from Big Time Rush, Joe Rogan, and Jungkook band together to form the most powerful Wii Music group of all time

Source: https://blogema.org
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  1. Stxl AJ says
  2. SINIXTRO FF says
  3. T Edits says
  4. Edelgard says

    I just don’t understand it, years ago when I was younger I made a custom stage and named it Electro Stage, and one other time I brought my copy of Wii music to a friends house and put it in their Wii they didn’t have any saved data they played it first time then when we selected the stages my Electro Stage was on there, I don’t even get it. 9:43 is the name of it and 10:28 the 1st one is how the stage looked how I designed it like how?!?!

  5. ً says
  6. J Shat says

    J shat

  7. cruncheeze113 says

    White obama lmao

  8. 0 Herfdiug 0 says
  9. Thomas Gillenwater says
  10. BULLOXclub4life says
  11. NoodleBoy says
  12. Shane_gaming17 Roblox says
  13. It'sDarylHere - Cool Videos says
  14. Mugam 167 says

    Solatu d e minor

  15. Kitchen Roam says

    6:40 what was he doing?

  16. Sam_Cant_Art says

    when i hear the dreaded words, i prepare for the worst

    “Alright Sebastian, here I go!”

  17. 1000 subscribers with no videos challenge says

    6:39 when the person who invented the violin starts playing

  18. Harrison Haynes says

    1:22 they don't make em' like that anymo'

  19. Le Monke 420 says
  20. Dissmo says

    big scgatt

  21. Snailorr says

    here i go! BOOM BOOM BADUMP BOOM

  22. octogirl the fnaf fan UwU says
  23. octogirl the fnaf fan UwU says
  24. Charlie's Content says

    “Here I go!”
    uses the weld tool

  25. octogirl the fnaf fan UwU says

    03:34 LMFAO

  26. anaev says

    when he played the guitar, i knew a wilbur soot joke would soon follow. i just knew.

  27. John Houston says

    drags jeff to Erase Mii
    He erased himself

  28. doopy flooper says

    Eating breakfast before work

  29. Sliminem23 says

    Moments captured seconds before disaster: “alright sebastian”

  30. HatKidSoldTheirSoul says

    The violin tutorial is legit asmr

  31. SuSBoy says


  32. Penelopethethe says

    When Schlatt said, "Alright Sebastian" you knew it was all over

  33. Cheems「ちまス」 says

    “I’ll give it my all Sebastian, here I go!”


  34. Donut says

    6:22 out of context

  35. getredddy says

    Juhg,Koop. The love of my life. I love him.

  36. Sungrin Han says

    3:30 dw this made me laugh 😔✊ everyone is scared of ARMY

  37. Елена Горина says

    4:38 please kill me

  38. Nimirceag Dragos says

    "Sure thing Sebastian toot, here i go"

  39. I watch YouTube says
  40. Carlos Cordero says
  41. Lunar says

    his piano sounded like a fucking xxxtentacion song

  42. I_am Awesome says

    I am a simple person. I see funny mic, I click.

  43. Nils B. says

    Is he smashing is Desk ?

  44. Mason Carver says

    3:24 a legend is born

  45. Mert says

    All right Sebastian, here i go

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