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I Hosted The UGLIEST Fashion Show In Fortnite


I Hosted The UGLIEST Fashion Show In Fortnite Battle Royale Chapter 2
Fortnite Fashion Show inspired by Lachlan!

Source: https://blogema.org
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  1. Alex Vargas says

    The one where you said that is a really rare skin it was a teir 1 skin ?

  2. Tayden Dimick says

    Bruh it is not rare the cape is not rare I even have it add me and I will show you mr top 5 my epic is epic: rage_kidjk

  3. Lindsey loo loo says

    I love roblox more but I love fortnite to but I all ways do the same thing

  4. Riley Hynes says

    how did lox not lose.JK

  5. Lowkey-009 1 says

    Bruh he always show favoritism to lazer beam bc that skin isn’t even ugly and that’s so gay

  6. Jason Bradley says

    Mr. Top 5 why did you eliminate me with my Christmas tree skin

  7. Aiden McClendon says

    Yes a little kid sounds like laserbeam

  8. Aiden McClendon says

    So does your face count

  9. Kevin Phan says

    Am mad!!! Jk

  10. KoKoGamer says

    I Got Renagade raider

  11. jigs astig says

    Your so mean

  12. joe hager says

    Lazer beam win yes!

  13. Landon’s Gaming says

    Was that lazar

  14. Guy Williams says

    1 fan unsubbed I think

  15. PIKA BOI says

    Anyone realised that he had a guided missile in his inventory…
    Ok. Um. I just realised it was a tac

  16. Connie says

    Lazerbeam is to busy to deal wit ur clickbaiting ass

  17. Sit down says
  18. Trang Nguyen says

    Shad.ical was funny

  19. Nadeen Mohammad Mustafa Mohammad says

    My. favrit skin is. Skye

  20. 0rbZdiamondYT -_- says

    It's me

  21. Rylee Turner says

    Its laser beem

  22. Kris&Jessica Alaniz says

    I have that Mammoth skin

  23. Infernal999 says

    Lazarbeam would watch your vid (☞゚∀゚)☞

  24. danny rage says

    Why u smile like a killer

  25. tom primm says


  26. SparkleGirl Sparkles says

    I really love your vids

  27. Camden McCartney says


  28. zack wheeler says

    this was posted an hoourago

  29. Noobs Rule14 says

    Shadical going badical today

  30. M Monroy says


  31. Brittany Grimsley says

    Me: im early also me: *looks omg this was made 2 years ago

  32. Jose A. Colon Perez says

    Mr. Top 5 I'm trying to friend request you but it doesn't let me but you have too many friend requests

  33. Nirmala Yadav says

    What is this

  34. Michael Dearringer says

    That is Lazar beam!!!!!!!!

  35. Arasay Napoles says


  36. Spiny FN says

    I didn’t knew mr top 5 had Fans

  37. Bentley Morris says


  38. Amanda Hill says

    I told it shadical he is a terrible friend and he's bad at fortnite mr. Top 5 love your videos mr. Top 5 I'm your biggest fan Dot.


    Ur so stupid its not LazarBeam

  40. King Rob Jr Hartfield Jr says

    Bro this is annoying

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