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I Did THIS For 30 Days…Now I Can Dunk A Basketball At 5'10!



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  1. John Young says

    Great trips

  2. Corundum Just Xcode says


  3. In Famousbrelin says

    Cash how many sets

  4. Lele43 says

    That’s all you did? Bet

  5. super Alec gaming says

    I am also going to do the same thing

  6. Trippy Trav says


  7. Ángel Santiago says

    I don't understand, he just jumps until he gets tired?

  8. 3rdEyeWatcher says

    I will still hoop you. You could train for 90 days and still won't be able win a game..

  9. HYPE MIXES says

    If cash got an NBA trainer i can guarantee you he would be even better than june flight.

  10. MuchoHandlesG says

    Can someone clear it up for me plzz … he does 5 min a day right ?

  11. joah says

    wait CASH IS 5’10?? i’m 5’11 wtf, he looks somewhere around 6’0 tbh

  12. JanGaming says

    27:02 James harden

  13. OnlyFelo says

    Cash is James harden with defense and lower shooting stats

  14. N&J MOTO says

    He just has to get his jump technique down and he’s A1

  15. Chi- City says

    If any of you are trying to dunk or jump higher swing your opposite leg high and your opposite arm high as well and fast, it helps with jumping higher

  16. TTV. Kold says

    You should’ve done a video of you jumping before your work outs

  17. Aijah says

    Cash I just did this and yep I can see a difference in my dunks!

  18. claude allen says

    Easyyyyyyyy yessssir

  19. Mikal says

    How many sets of how many minutes every day? someone tell me bcuz i only heard him say 5 minutes but it felt like he did more sets or sum

  20. Timothy Keith says

    Cash is like the YouTube dmx

  21. Sagescarab 1 says

    He dunks at 27:14


    Play meeeeeee I’m tryna give ya an L


    Cash that’s the wrong foot your jumping on

  24. Minh Hoang says

    toxic as fuck haha , I like you bro

  25. 6ix9ine says

    I can confirm this increases your vert. Added 2inches in just one week

  26. Ari Urowsky says

    Remember Ashley ?

  27. Oscar Baumann says

    Can someone give me his workout plan?

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