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  1. DimerDillon says

    to the person who is reading this stop posting to the person who is reading this comments

  2. Miisty Clowd says

    whoever dislike is part of tui's family

  3. Sharkz zy says

    “My man’s playing hide and seek with the ball!”

    That killed me ?

  4. Le Nguyen says

    My user is XXShowdowBOSS if you could join me anytime and help me with bullies ty

  5. Le Nguyen says

    Hey DimerDillion ima huge fan of u I subed liked and turned on notifocation i need help with some trash talkers they said i was as

  6. Golden Ty34 says

    I wish some people would do this do me. Join my game when there’s an annoying trash talker and expose the heck out them

  7. King Cousi says

    Me subbed

  8. Visala T. Tui says

    Bruh why did u put my last name ?

  9. geniusmin1005 says


  10. Bryce Grimball says

    Dime you gotta play [Beta] got next football. Where all the trash talkers are

  11. Stephen Curry says

    people have videos of bryan must grinding

  12. Stephen Curry says

    im global but got ban for global grinding

  13. Stephen Curry says

    vmixing and 13L3NDER ARE both my friends

  14. VIRUSNinja says

    I made a trash talker quit the game before by interring him so much he quit and I was on mobile LMA??

  15. E says

    what typa name doe lol

  16. Soar Xcory says

    Oh I’m sorry dinner some DONT HAVE EMAILS ?

  17. UnDeniable says

    how many times dime either swated or inted the pass from the qb

  18. M S says

    Wish i was as good as dimer cuz i always get harrassed by some 12 year old.

  19. VENOM says

    Me looking at dimmer and trash talker :dimmer he got bodied trash talking at least you didn’t expose me :Dimmer welp just did

  20. PixT says

    Yo what up dimer i dont know if u remember me but its Todisreal

  21. Muhammad Minhas says

    That tui kid is bad

  22. Daniel Karajic says

    Haven’t watched him in so long! Wassup man!!!

  23. D_vndre says

    He definitely stole that account

  24. Jared Castillo says


  25. Roblox_ Fortnite says

    the global #1 is my friend LOL

  26. Nat A says

    If you love this game go play real football lol

  27. Alberto the chip Saves bigfoot says

    love ur content but the new videos dont hit as same 🙁

  28. Booty Pics Please says

    "Today my name is gonna be BOOM POW *BAM*" That got me

  29. Bryce Patton says

    Wasnt even like their team didn’t have comp. mixing is a main leaguer

  30. New Phantom says

    Man said i don't like dislike bombs man has 15 dislikes
    Btw love your vids dimer

  31. Chris Pace says

    Get owned

  32. RavenFX says

    Dimer what's your discord?

  33. TrippyFN says

    Who ya gonna call
    DimerDillon ?

  34. Itsquidyback says

    Who else randomly found dimer and just
    Started watching his vids

  35. memes tat says

    i am confused wait oh trash talkers are not real to the dimer… The dimer makes trash trash talkers coke

  36. Fire_Football says

    Keyboard warrior is bout to be a new Netflix series

  37. iiFrxstys says

    abdostone is in DFL i’m sleep ?

  38. V_imtoogood RBLX says

    Dimer I love the vids and I love that u use the old intro ima og bro ever sense beginning of LF ??

  39. Abel Martinez says

    Diner Dillion is legit the Legend of ??

  40. Noah NTG says

    I love when dimer is toxic to the haters!!

  41. Flixxy says

    I’m such me fan, please… play with me

    User: Flixxoko

    if u say no it’s ok

  42. Onesie says

    Diner imagine if I met u

  43. AwesomeCraftedPigBen says

    Blender is #1 global rb…. and oohkillem12 is riggsmcnastyy12 #1 global defender… and I know them both…..

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