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Human Basketball Hoop w/ Stephen Curry


James Corden challenges 2-time MVP and 3-time NBA champion Stephen Curry to an unconventional shooting contest, where James is hoisted in the hair as the basketball hoop. How will the NBA’s best shooter do against a moving target?

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  1. hakdog hakdog says

    Look at Curry Man, so inspirational

  2. SuperGeneral_ says

    Tbh I think Stephen aimed at the pp

  3. Go Pursue says

    Oh my haha

  4. SILAS says

    Anyone see that guy who didn’t get a high five by Stephen 3:7

  5. SaintLuco says

    3.06 wow lol, the guy didn't get the high 5 he wanted from steph curry lol

  6. Ariki kotahipene says

    I feel it would have been better if he dunked on james

  7. Aazib ABDULLAH says

    Claim your "I watched this before the toxic 'Look at Curry man' comments appeared in the comments" reward here.

  8. Ai GAMiNG says

    2:22 look at that guy ?

  9. Gerber Bautista says

    3:06 Give Prayers For That Man R.I.P

  10. Max Dunning says

    Look at curry man, so inspirational

  11. JustSilly rachet says

    Lmao I love how at one point he just started randomly throwing balls at James face and James just kept encouraging him

  12. Ahmad Jaber says

    Look at curry man

  13. Cheeky Allen says


  14. PeterCraur 12234 says


  15. Steven Tran says

    What’s that thing below the basket

  16. Keyzar22 says

    The reason Steph didnt make all of em cuz sometimes the Corden move or Curry wants to throw the basketball to Corden ahaha

  17. Dylan L says

    3:06 dude got left hanging

  18. Help me reach 10k subs before 2021 challenge says

    To everyone reading this hope you have a nice day

  19. Florian Middel says

    Should have done one where shaq is dunking lol

  20. Ogonna Alozie says

    Why are all of you crushing on Curry

  21. Hunk Chunk says

    Imagine being Steph Curry and having to do this.

  22. Noob_rblx says

    Steph wanted to throw the ball one handed lol

  23. r a e e z // says

    GODDD. stephan and rio ( good girls ) laughs and MF voices sound legit the same. it's kinda hawwt

  24. Boi says

    3:08 curry left my guy hanging on that high five ?

  25. Данил Кувшинов says


  26. black mamba 24 says

    Look at curry man

  27. FaranelHD says

    2:22 lol he wanted to hit him xddd

  28. Mr. Pickles says

    This stephen guy is good maybe he should play for the nba

  29. Jens Diaz says

    No high arking shots for you haha

  30. Melanie Qualls says

    My boy lets go curry!

  31. Mr.potato says

    Look at curry man

  32. Str8 x Chase says

    Look at curry man

  33. samuraisk 945 says

    Flight reacts if he watches this
    Flight:look at curry mann

  34. Editorez says

    2:40 when your playing school basketball and someone at the side calls u trash

  35. angel says

    "from deep"

  36. ГНС! says

    Look at curry man

  37. Xcpzillion says

    Look at curry man

  38. SLK - Zj says

    I really wanted him to dunk

  39. Zachs a jarzzzy says

    I'm feeling very confident there's a big target up there

  40. Nate Murphy says

    Look at curry man

  41. Kaan Talay says

    Flight in June 1st

  42. Kaan Talay says

    If he had his mouthguard he would score 14

  43. amanda mcmillan says

    Steph is the MVP of b-ball

  44. Elliast says

    Steph doesn’t even JUMP while shooting

  45. Ahmet Cigci says

    Stephs breathing
    Flight: "oh shiittt where are the LeBron fans"

  46. Sivan Yalda says

    Lucky he didn't tweek his ankle again

  47. Dzeba Balazs says

    He was really bad,60s 70s 80s 90s guys probably would done better.

  48. Dharren LGND says

    “Look at steph curry man, so inspirational” ???

  49. vboomzyX says

    3:05 That high five attempt was just sad

  50. Eugene Bobuel says

    look at curry man, such a legend

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