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HUGE Frozen Food Haul At Costco – What To Buy And Avoid!


We’re back at Costco, and this time shopping for healthy frozen food items. We have been doing more frozen food reviews lately, and I have been really impressed at the quality of the items, so I wanted to see how Costco frozen foods stack up! Overall I was very impressed, I found healthy and clean versions of pizza, bread, meals, snacks, and more. The frozen food game has gotten better recently, and it looks like Costco is carrying some really clean frozen food items for unbeatable prices. Mad love..Bobby, Dessi, Rose, and Art! XOXO

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  1. Laura Partida says

    San Bernardino,CA does not have most of this. ,

  2. Linda Z says

    Hi Bobby, I don’t think the Halloumi cheese fries were breaded. That’s the beauty of this crazy cheese—it has a wonderful carmelized crust when cooked. Can you please show the entire nutrition label just for a moment? I need to see the carbs.

  3. Dennis Kalmer says

    Near their farm hi use insectides and chemicals

  4. Dennis Kalmer says

    Bobby check out Norway salmon documentary I watched would not let anyone

  5. Gary Petschauer says

    Don’t forget the sodium level. Very important. The pizza was a block of salt.

  6. David Munoz says

    Sure wish that Costco in San Antonio sold Ezeckiel bread, I have to buy it either at Trader Joe's or my local grocery store where it's more expensive. Trader Joe's has it priced at $4.99 a loaf.

  7. Debbi Blanchard says

    Ah-sah-eee! Acai, I believe that’s how it’s pronounced. Love your videos! Keep it up!

  8. Rachel Tevaseu says

    Miltons make the best multigrain bread…crackers and now frozen cauliflower pizza…yay!!!

  9. Ed says

    Bob yoour sauce from costco is from CA San Marzano from italy will be DOP only

  10. Snrub says

    Is this the Costco on Ashland?

  11. Joseph cennamo says

    Why does Costco let this guy in the store read the label your self if you want good pizza make your own dough not that hard frozen pizza I don’t think so also make your own burgers know what you are eating do t get soho g up on organic you have no idea what the are putting in your food give this guy the boot???

  12. sylvia Sahotra says

    Great video and insights …. Please careful when talking about Covid . We already have so many people not taking this virus seriously .

  13. Haley L. says

    birch benders has frozen waffles too!

  14. Dig says

    27 grams in 1/4 pizza serving, are you crazy? I get it, you're not keto!

  15. Randy Smith says

    How is that flu? How about that Coronavirus?

  16. Diana Rodriguez says

    Just found your page and absolutely love it!!!! New subscriber for sure!

  17. Valerie Young says

    We’re watching from GEORGETOWN TEXAS. Love you guys.

  18. Africa United says

    Stop pretending seeing these products for first time..it's obvious all your steps and approaches are well prepared in advance.
    Taking people for nubes!!

  19. jackie fitzpatrick says

    Stop leaving the freezer door open when your talking about something . Your wasting energy . You do it alot .

  20. jackie fitzpatrick says

    Stop saying farmed salmon from Norway is the best..it's the WORST ! Do your research before saying it's good .

  21. pk eggle says

    Art, Please remind to close the frozen -food glass door, immediately, thanks! It can take 5-10 minutes to regain ideal temperatures when the door is left open that long. ✔

  22. Jean Orourke says

    I also check the cholesterol in these frozen foods. – that lemon chicken had 70 mg of cholesterol! very high.

  23. 힘센달팽이 says

    I wonder what his mbti would be.

  24. Kim Heaslip says

    I could watch these all day…thanks!

  25. Nina Grames says

    Had to quit watching after I heard the idiot's comment about the corona virus not a concern. This should be taken seriously. It is not just the flu!

  26. Sanket Thakuriya says

    I haven't eaten healthy since 1996, the time I was born. I am healthy cause I don't eat like a cow, just enough to keep me 60% full. This non – GMO thing is so weird.

  27. richard viteri says

    And milk for those bites. Like to see dairy-free food or items

  28. Joanne Joie Jessica Tropea says

    Love your videos ❤️
    Just found you today, we've been crash watching about 6 videos so far. Shared with my whole family!
    Have you done a review in a BJ's? I work closer to BJ's just more convenient. But I miss Costco, you and Art reminded us just how much!
    You've also taught me so much!!!

  29. AJ A says

    Curious, I'm still super new to Probiotics but, after listening to Bobby on his other vids, if the probiotics aren't alive in the yogurts with the fruit in them cause the sugar kills it, then aren't they dead in the juice @13:40 min to?

  30. Anthony McLemore says

    Thanks for all your hard work and knowledge to help others make a better choice. I recommend everyone just stay away from the frozen aisles and prepackaged foods entirely. Also, stay away from grains as they reap havoc on your gut microbiome. Everyone should be eating wild caught fishes, 100% grass fed beef and definitely Organic chicken preferably air chilled as that would be your freshest option. Cooking 1-2 times a day is extremely easy. Just make your meals simple with about 70% fats, 20% proteins and a small mix of both veggies and carbs. Stop snacking during the day also. This healthy lifestyle of eating will make your life a lot more stress free and enjoyable. ❤️

  31. Yvonne Leach says

    Is the Orgain protein shake any good?

  32. jackie fitzpatrick says

    Farmed salmon from Norway is horrible to eat. Go on Utube and see how bad these farms are destroying the environment and salmon are swimming in chemicals routinely sprayed over by their pens to kill sea lice , fungal infections , and fed growth hormones and antibiotics . Worst record for salmon farming .

  33. Teresa Kahn says

    Great Channel ?

  34. Tara Buenafe says

    you're so awesome..

  35. Nanea Haasenritter says

    I’m glad you mentioned using the beef patties to do other things. I do this all the time with meatballs because it’s so much cheaper than ground beef. A lot of people think to do this.

  36. Sandra Levy says

    What is methylcullulose?

  37. nealewalter says

    Subscribed. Those grass fed beef patties are the best burger patties EVER. Haven’t seen them in my last two trips to Costco though

  38. Marie Jones says

    I bought the acai bowls but its a waste of money..it taste good but the bowls are so small and you only getn 6 in the box.. i could eat three in one sitting lol..the toppings are tiny too..Is it just a snack? I eat it for breakfast.

  39. Marie Jones says

    Bobby..thank you for the videos…Im in NY and Costco does not have Miltons pizza anymore. that was my favorite pizza..I called around and I cant find it …

  40. Nancy says

    No grass fed beef patties in FL

  41. Charles Valenzuela says

    Do you HAVe a gluten allergy? Probably not, so stop with the gluten-free crap. AS for the "organic" crap, remember that Socrates only ate organic. Don't know what I'm talking about? Read a book.

  42. Bobbi West says

    That greek yogurt icecream has maltodextrin also and soy lecithin. Cancer doctors for older women say no soy.

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