Huge Costco Grocery Haul – 25 Healthy Items To Buy & What To Avoid

You guys have been requesting it, so here is part two of my healthy grocery haul from Costco! Spring cleaning is in the air, so why not clean up your diet to, and scoop some amazing deals of some of my fav healthy grocery items at Costco. On this Costco shop with me, I found some new items I was stoked about. Like the grassfed collagen peptide powder, the san marzano tomatoes, and the fermented sauerkraut. This huge grocery haul covers over 25 items at Costco, and I tell you what to buy, and what to avoid. You gotta read the ingredients, because labels are deceiving. Let us know where we should go next! Mad Love, Bobby..Dessi..Art XOXO

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  1. Hi there. New to your channel. Is there anyway you can list the item you are showing down below? Cant tell what they are/names of products. Camera not close enough. Like what was ty hat you took out of fridge super fast & put on the counter?! Thank you in advance!

  2. Thomas, as a weight loss expert, are tomatoes good for you, I have seen where that is not true because of insecticides, they cause inflamation, and are bad for you. ???? true or false?

  3. If the label does not have the “DOP” designation then it’s not a true San Marzano tomato and in fact they can be grown anywhere, because San Marzano is not just a region, the name now describes a type of tomato. I’ve done the tests in my kitchen and without the DOP label the tomatoes do not pass the taste test.

  4. Bobby, thank you so much for your wonderful videos. I’ve learned so much. I’m in the Glendale, AZ area. Our Costco doesn’t always have what you do there in Chicago, but sometimes. We have Trader Joe’s and Sprouts.
    I don’t know if you ever do videos on restaurants but we have a couple of “Flower Child” restaurants. I love their food and would love your take on them.

  5. Saw your show today with the wife for the first time . Absolutely love it . Already subscribed. Keep up the excellent work . This type of reporting will prove to be catalyst for companies to be forced to change the poison there peddling to the uninformed public .

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