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How we fit an NES game into 40 Kilobytes



Both the itch.io and Steam releases contain a ROM file for use on NES emulators and are thereby playable on many different platforms!


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  1. Morphcat Games says


    Both the itch.io and Steam releases contain a native Windows PC version as well as a ROM file for use on NES emulators and are thereby playable on many different platforms!

  2. JAC77 Home says

    when will you make a new video?

  3. Strum Dynasty says

    I bought the ROM and play it on my Snes Mini! Fun!

  4. Toad Toadstool says

    ironic that his subcount is 40k

  5. Wintermute vs Neuromancer says

    i always was wondering how good ppl today with all the known coding tricks for the NES could make a SNES Zelda running on the NES…how would it looks like…

  6. Wintermute vs Neuromancer says


  7. Vitor Bonifacio says

    not surprised, i seen full scene demos in 4kb

  8. Joe Peters says

    why exactly they wasted their time doing this?

  9. BrannanZ says

    40k subs LOL

  10. hcufvhhf Hychyfvju says

    if these guy made these game in mario time he would have beat Nintendo

  11. Orian de Wit says

    It's amazing what happens when people revisit old technology with modern knowledge. This game is so polished.

  12. FordTM IsBetterThanChevyTM says

    7/24/20 same amount of subscribers as KB in an NES game

  13. NATH C says

    Why don't they put bigger chips in the cartridge?

  14. El Marselo says

    Wait…I NEED THE ROM!!!

  15. cherry lee says

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  16. Thibaud says

    Now you can imagine how it could have evolved if there were a 2nd, 3rd.
    Then a Super Micro mage for the ness.
    Then the N64
    Etc… 🙂

  17. Paul Reichbert says

    Best point: Using Notepad++ for coding. Real coders don't need IDEs.

  18. SS4 Kaioken says

    Oh, your good… too good ?

  19. geomorillo says

    really smart the graphics optimization

  20. Ciara Garrity says

    Would you happen to also consider making a GBA game tutorial? Please we need tutorials, this is awesome!

  21. Ciara Garrity says

    Could you make a tutorial on making a game for the SNES? Thank you so very much for this informational video.
    Theres not many tutorials out there for the SNES, sadly. if you can Please fill in that gap.

  22. Édouard BERGÉ says

    great game, congratz and thank you for tricks 😉

  23. NewAgeDerpDerp says

    Teach me your ways

  24. Intervjauren H says

    The Bee Movie script takes more data than this game.

  25. Matti Chibi says

    actually spent money to support them, cause its smart and interesting how they created this game, other devs should try to use their brain like these guys too, too many people clutter their fucking games for no reason making them take up alot of capacity unnecessarily.

  26. mazen shokair says

    If this game was released 30 years ago it would've been a hit, And potentially become something like mario games, Sequel after sequel with more improvements to the point that it would be a next gen game like mario odyssey

  27. techradio says

    hell, i wish i could make a game myself

  28. Qpple Tree says

    A snes game on a nes

  29. Demo says

    I wish I could play this but I don’t own an nes I wish this was on steem or something

  30. Leaf Razor Storm says

    I miss clever optimization tricks like this. When I see games like "Spyro: Reignited Trilogy" that decide a 50 GB Blu-ray disc is somehow too small to hold all their graphics, I die a little inside.

  31. Pan Z says

    Why do we have a natural, deep admiration for efficiency?

  32. Xavier bennett says

    Do you mind if I use the wizard sprites for my game?

  33. ULTRA Guy says

    This is what we call a quality video ,featuring a quality content

  34. DasAntiNaziBroetchen says

    Did you think of using some form of compression, or was there not enough RAM to decompress?

  35. Felipe Machuca says

    (swole doge) Computers then:
    I can fit a decent game into 40KB

    (crying cheems) Computers now:
    If you click chrome twice, I get saturated

  36. Colme_UwU says

    Games devs now:
    3 TB. Take it or leave it

  37. Emre D says

    This is incredible

  38. 105dami says

    Waouh… ?

  39. Kaihen the says

    Make a sequel on the nes or the snes

  40. 0:00 That sounds reminds me of the similar-sounding one from Ufouria/Hebereke.

  41. þæζΤГλ says

    What’s scarier is that he has to make the game in assembly

  42. Zero Kurapika says

    Man, it would had been awesome to have teams of programmers as talented as you back then.

  43. bohunkerdonk says

    One of the beat NES Games I’ve seen? Would a (slightly toned-down) Gameboy-port be possible? ?

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