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How Travel Changes You


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  1. Rat ラット says

    in Russia You change Travel
    (I’m not Russian)

  2. Anime gamer girl XoX UwU says

    Im a Hindu UwU
    I accept EVERYONE!!!!
    Im from Bangladesh 🙂

  3. Poyraz says


  4. Asiah jaafar says

    Is Agon really gay ?

  5. Tips de Ahorro says

    I am proud of Israeli democracy, anu Israeli citizen can feel really free👏👏🇮🇱🇮🇱

  6. 6C-Rishad says

    agon : i want to be a lawyer

    me : well thats good!

    agon : btw im gay

    me : ……. * runs away *

  7. Waseem Ibrahim says

    Is your editor really ga??

  8. Yass Mine says

    Beleive me before I watch your videos I make like because really they are quite amazing and meaningful

  9. MOHAB EPIC says

    Really, this was a straight insult to Muslims ☪️
    Man, your video isn't offending or controversial but relax Muslims are not the only ones who think they're right, every other religions does also.✝️✡🕉⚛☦☮🔯☯️🛐☸🕎 Plus, u won't have a faith in your riligeon if you dont think its right.
    Don't worry am not disliking your video I understand that this is your point of view.

  10. Rashik's Guitar says

    Is that guy really gay❓❔

  11. Pranksteri says

    It's ok to be a criminal?

  12. syed asif ali zaidi says

    I am a Muslim don't accept Hindus on accept Allah

  13. - Kaisloe - says


  14. Elizabeth Young Channel says

    Wat do u mean 6 days left!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!😡😐😭👎

  15. Abdullah Alghanem says

    Salam alaykum so glad you are muslim!

  16. its me ARC says

    1:22 i am sorry but there is

  17. farhana Rod says

    But gay or lesbian is totally banned for muslims and according to a muslim its obiously wrong

    Why modern muslim forget their religion & support others things???

    Only for likes share comment

    Please study more about Islam thn maje this kind of video


  18. ItsTopi1236 says

    You were born in the biggest village BECAUSE ITS SOOOO BIG

  19. ImJuSTaRANdomdUDE says

    But it's not OK to be not ok

  20. Nihu Pardeshi says

    pls send sound i love it

  21. Amina Akhtar says

    Is nightfall man a gay?

  22. Amirul Rahman says

    If gay in Bruneian we go to our Allah's jail which is called in Brunei bedosa

  23. Aafia Mahasin Mohamed Ghousullah says

    I learned to do this by the age of eight

  24. Galaxy Girl says

    Is nas gay now bc he did the nose thing

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