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How to Wear 2020 Fashion Trends


OUTFIT IDEAS USING 2020 FASHION TRENDS. Here are some outfit ideas using 2020 trends.

Instagram: tiffanygracestyle

Some links are affiliate links which means I receive a percentage of the revenue made from purchasing products through this link. This does not affect you or the price of the product. Some of the links aren’t the same exact product as mine but things do sell out. So I find the closest matching to the one that I was wearing. I always try to update the links so you can try find something similar.

Black Bralette

Nude Bodysuit

Split Hem Jeans

Open Toe Heels

White High Neck Top

Adidas Shoes

Black Trench Coat

Black Handbag

Black Crop Top

Green Cargo Pants

Black High Neck Dress

Faux Leather Jacket

Sheer Tights

Biker Boots

Gray Cardigan

Good American Jeans (size down I’m a 28 or a 6 and got a 4)


White Tee

Black Blazer

Circle Belt

Polka Dot Top

Black Skirt

Faux Leather Pant

One Shoulder Top

Bra Top

Black Pants

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  1. Balqis Harliansyaf says

    How can i go outside freely when there is corona anywhere hftt can't take any fashion outfit for months ﹋o﹋

  2. joud 18 says

    oh come on 2020 trends are pjs and pig hoodies

  3. Tripping Along!! says

    Well, I bought an amazing blazer for my wife like this one but in peach color !! Surprisingly the price was also not that much ($60) but got shipped in 15 days. One can compromise with time when you are saving this much!! https://onemart.us/products/shawl-collar-tailored-blazer

  4. Vincent Ochieng says

    Any boy watching this video but don't why he is watching

  5. Soha Hussein says

    Men Fashion wooooow

  6. Diamond Lincoln says

    Why are there so many haters and Karen's on here…. why would she be wearing a mask in her house ..tf also she is just showing how to style pieces of popular clothing.

  7. T. Pretzel says

    Song name ??

  8. simone dcosta says


  9. Fanaye N says

    Guaranteed nothing like this serious on YT>>> https://youtu.be/ydsJY0yz9IM

  10. Best Gift Collection says

    Best Reviews . i like your Collection .

  11. ??? says

    just me or does her voice sound like azzyland

  12. Greeny314 says

    No this is not actually a trend edgy is the trend

  13. KENGER Fil says

    4:29 TOP

  14. Saad says

    I bought … but frankly I did not find such a site http://www.af-aq.com not in terms of price or fast shipping

    I recommend it..

  15. New Fashion: la chaîne mode, beauté et société says

    Nice ❤❤❤❤❤❤

  16. Linda Roy says

    Great tips. 🙂

  17. Zoe kraus says

    im 11 i just came here for no reasion

  18. EVEstore says


  19. Laly Styles says

    Love a lot in the video but its way to slow

  20. Marisol Hernandez says

    2020 trend but you can only wear them at home bc of lockdown

  21. Sumaja Palani says

    Would high waisted jeans look good on me even tho I’m 160 cm?

  22. Oxivi says

    Naw I like the girls from the mall style better

  23. Mel Giver says

    I like the way you wear jeans. Very fashionable

  24. Dias Fashion says

    SO cute ♥️ ?

  25. 000 Zvirko says


  26. Dieguini Vazini says
  27. Laughter With Life says

    Love the tips ?

  28. Sara Lin says

    No..non nope ?

  29. AleneRay says

    Trends of 2020: WFH clothes aka pyjamas

  30. New Dimension says

    Yuhu … Back to summer time
    Casual oufit

  31. SingendertanzenderAbschaum says

    Bo ring.

  32. Lejla says

    I love these❣️

  33. scumbagdave says

    Love the blue jeans…

  34. scumbagdave says

    Holly smokes…. So hot.

  35. Spear it Thrift says

    Awesome job on your video! Keep up the great work! There are similar outfits on spearitthrift.com. Great prices too!

  36. Lovelyne P.L says

    Keep going, and keep motivating others!

  37. Mohammed Syedul Alam says

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  38. Kala Bader says

    Changing your clothes in front of the camera seems to be another 2020 trend.

  39. Joanne Clark says

    You should try to protect you and your children with masks as much as it is possible. Fashion styligh 8xygenmask.com maybe would be best solution. I am satisfied customer.

  40. fashion. ellaa says

    Can you see my channel???

  41. Intertwined Fate says

    Those wide leg pants make me feel uncomfortable, because I fear to step on them if they are too long.

  42. Fátima Correia Andrade says

    Mary Fatmm beijoss OK.

  43. zoeXtra says

    Just did a video about recreating Rihanna's outfits https://youtu.be/LDikSMKDZnA

  44. Monica Trappolini says

    Do you like the colours?

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