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How To Use Zoom App On Android


Learn to use Zoom On Android Phone. Zoom app tutorial. Use Zoom App on Android. Use Zoom for Android. This tutorial is compatible with any Android device. How to use Zoom mobile app.

How to use Zoom for Android phone step by step tutorials for beginners.
In this tutorial, I will show you how to install the Zoom app from Google Play. I will show you how to join a meeting and also how to create a meeting and how to schedule a meeting.
So if you wish to use Zoom on Android follow this step by step tutorial.

Index video
00:00 Overview how to use Zoom on Android
00:13 Install Zoom on Android
00:51 Join meeting as a participant
02:34 Create account on Zoom for Android
03:50 Login with Zoom on Android
04:19 Create simple meeting as a Host
05:29 Create scheduled meeting
06:50 Start schedule meeting on Zoom

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  1. Dex How To Tutorials says

    Thank you for watching this video. If you have any questions please ask us and we will try to answer you as fast as possible. Please write a new comment not a reply to any comments… as I do not receive the correct notifications on replies! Thank you! If you wish to see more tutorial on Zoom for Android check this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vbg32QI68ks&list=PLZXB_RccsZsxUbq7vuLc4D5T-BtcQGlML&index=26&t=0s

  2. Mark Sim says

    Hi I have 2 questions.

    1. Why when i swipe to view other participants, I could no longer hear the speaker speaking?

    2. When I am hosting a large number of people, as people keep coming in, there is a pop-up for every person that comes in. The pop-up is: "[name] has entered the waiting room". How do i remove this pop-up?

  3. Zena McFarland says

    Why can't you just set up your Zoom account with your ID and password. Whenever you want to have a meeting with your friends and family, you can set the date and time then?

  4. Antz says

    Why It is only the host is visible on my screen?If I want to see how I look to the others I have to always swipe right and check, which prevent me from hearing the host for a moment.please help me.I want to see both host and myself on the screen.I have a small grid appearing on the screen like yours but it's all black and the only way I can see my self is swiping to right side where I can see myself along with the some of the other participants.

  5. Nayab gul says


  6. Tech Guru says

    Ur internet so slow ? I have 1gb/s wifi
    Edit: anyways it's good I love ur videos I am subscribing…

  7. Robin B says

    Thank you for instructing step by step! ?

  8. Srinivas Dasara says

    How to set a virtual background in mobile .Plz answer this

  9. Rimsha Mughal says

    How do u do virtual backround, it can't for me,????

  10. Tha Kimgech says

    How to turn on the camera plz

  11. Maria Betancourt says

    Very good video

  12. Maria Betancourt says

    Do I need an account to just join a meeting

  13. Krishna Gurung says

    How can I show my saved video on zoom by using android mobile?

  14. Sunder R. says

    I am a yoga teacher and have recently started using Zoom for teaching a class of students. I find it quite interesting. What I want to know is, if I want to teach someone on a one-to-one basis and would like to transmit video pictures of me performing some yogic practices, can I do that, and how?

  15. Dinabandhu Bala says

    How to connect zoom meeting through krayonnz app

  16. Richard Sutherland says

    Can I use the zoom app on an android box with a webcam?

  17. Rick Sanchez says

    How to use sounds effects in zoom? Android device

  18. Cossette Zoleta says

    When I open the zoom application it keeps on crashing, what could be the reason is it my phone?

  19. Billy Babu The Story teller says

    Watching this in Lock down here in the UK. Very informative.
    Stay safe everyone

  20. Stephanie Smith says

    Excellent video. Very clear and detailed, step by step. Thank you!

  21. Anthony Kilonzo says

    In a setting where there are many participants using video in the same meeting, how can you tell that it is your video that is showing on the other participants' screens when you speak and your video is on?

  22. Doc Undies says

    Is it necessary to create an account to use Zoom?
    If not, what is the benefit/advantage of creating an account?

  23. •kiixro• says

    how do you pin a video on mobile?

  24. Violeta V says

    how many peole can be in the screen? on phone

  25. Denilson Muñoz Delgado says

    Woah, what an interesting video, thanks, i needed it…

  26. Kempee Chavez says

    How can we go live on FB or YT using zoom on android? God bless everyone!

  27. Sue Montague says

    Oh for goodness sake how do you make or accept a phone call ?

  28. Thirumalesh K says

    How can I use virtual background in mobile

  29. Omr vip Galaxy says

    How can i make 2 or 3 groups with diffeent people
    For instance
    Group a economics
    Group b business

  30. minnie6576 says

    How to change the image setting not to mirror myself on Android phone? I am in an online class that appears everyone's left hand on the right side of my screen, I want to know how to sync my setting with them

  31. Suzanne Grenier says

    I can only see one person on my galaxy tablet 3. How do I get to see all 9 people in our chat?

  32. SOURAV DUTTA says

    Actually, I can not listen the sound of the host, I am only able to see the video of the host without hearing.I using this app in Android system. So what I can do for it…?

  33. Duuuck says

    How do I pin one screen?

  34. Christine Grant says

    Praying safely in the world's

  35. muralidhar rao says

    How to enable virtual background

  36. Sally Anderson says

    I have no icons on my screen. I cannot raise my hand or otherwise participate in the meeting. All I can do is see and hear the video.

  37. Walter Cantrell says

    How safe is zoom? Thanks

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