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How to Update to iOS 13 – Tips Before Installing!


How to Update iPhone to iOS 13 – Tips to Download & Install iOS 13 Final

iOS 13 was officially released today (9/19), and here are some important tips to be aware of before you install the iOS 13 software update on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch!

iOS 13 – The ACTUAL Best New Features & Changes:
iOS 13 – 70+ Best New Features & Changes:
iOS 13 – 30+ Best Hidden Features:

Have you installed iOS 13? If so, how are you liking it so far?

PS: If you are on the iOS 13.1 beta, you won’t get the iOS 13 update since you’re on a higher version. If you don’t want to get the iOS 13.1 betas anymore, delete the profile & wait until September 24th when the final version of iOS 13.1 gets released to the public.

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  1. Brandon Butch says

    Wondering what features & changes have been added in iOS 13? Watch this: https://youtu.be/wrm0HGtt0xg

    Reminder: iPadOS 13 gets released on September 24th, along with iOS 13.1. If you're on 13.1 now, you won't get this update. Read the description for more details.

  2. E says

    I barely noticed I’m on iOS 13.6 bruhh

  3. adam baig says

    Thank you very much by your trick I installed 13.6 in iPhone 6s

  4. G51-Corekiller says

    Does it forget your wifi if u update it?

  5. Fuzzy says

    Does it still do the thing where it loads forever? Also is it necessary to backup your apps with iCloud

  6. 「Cloudy milk」 says

    I did everything but it didn’t show up on software update

  7. AAriana tik tok Gucci says


  8. Ace Zelo says

    what about 5

  9. Zoey Zi says

    is it okay to update when you only have 16GB?

  10. Alan Tom says

    Bro can we use iPhone xs and a 5 mb speed

  11. Anonymous 500 says

    Man thank you ? I have to update my phone to the 13 thingy to play my favorite game and it works now thank you man I just subscribed

  12. CreepOz says

    I can’t get iOS 13 sadly 🙁

  13. MFZ 285 says

    It says 12.4.7 is the latest for my 6s

  14. frezerrree 14 says

    I got ios 13.1 should i update?

  15. Fatema Binte Sultan says

    How do i update ios 13 on my iPhone SE????? Please response anyone……. I tired but it doesn’t work on my phone

  16. Fariselail says

    why doesnt apple support the 5 version?

  17. Sabeliwe Shiba says

    It doesn’t work

  18. Deshath says

    It says my phone is up to date but it isn’t

  19. DonutSoldier7293 says

    I got a iPhone 6plus and it says it’s on 12.4.7 and it doesn’t have a option to update anyone that can help?

  20. Mohd Rafi says


  21. Anarfo Richard says

    My “download and install” don’t work I don’t know what to do

  22. Iam Poop says

    Will you get you storage back when you installed the software update

  23. MikeRB_GAMING says

    Does it work cuz im scared if my phone will reset and it will lost all my data pls answer this question

  24. Arf Gaming says

    Is it safe when i uodate my ios 11.1.2 to 13.5 when i forgot my apple id password

  25. ItzZ Joni says

    My update just keeps saying verifying update

  26. Jules Neniel says

    You are talking so fast. Need to pause every 5 seconds, ? anyways thanks for this.

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