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How To Start A Clothing Line With $0 Dollars | Legit Step by Step Tutorial


If you’ve been looking for ways to launch your clothing brand, in this video we share a legit step by step tutorial on how to start a clothing line with $0 dollars. Best of all you can do this from anywhere. Access the Academy + Resources:

We live in a time where starting a clothing line has never been easier. There’s a variety of ways to do it, but honestly there are still limitations on how well you can execute a quality product. That’s why we wanted to make you aware of Apliiq, as they offer everything you need to grow a legit clothing brand from the comfort of your home.

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The notes and resources mentioned in this video:

1:30 What is Made To Order?: Also known as print on demand or “dropshipping” this process allows you to focus on the design and marketing of your brand, and you only pay for the products once they are sold. It’s a great way to start a clothing line as it costs you no money up front. Best of all a fulfillment partner such as Apliiq does all the shipping for you.

3:11 Direct To Garment Printing: Also known as DTG, is a method of printing that allows you to print in full color, without the extra cost normally associated with screen printing. DTG allows you to create multiple samples and products quickly and efficiently.

6:12 Creating Branded Labels: labeling apparel allows you to fully customize your blank t-shirts, so your customers will think you made it all from scratch. Labeling allows you to fully brand your apparel line and make it your own.

8:05 What is Embroidery?: Embroidery give your product an enhanced touch and is great for fleece, hats, jackets and much more. The key to embroidery is in creating sharp vector graphics as the design is created by stitching thread through a garment.

9:27 Fulfillment/ Shipping: A fulfillment company does all the shipping for you. They are responsible for ensuring that your orders are shipped to your customers, all while ensuring that your customers never know someone else handled it for you. They provide poly bags to protect your products, shipping labels and packing slips.

13:20 Collection Planning: The key to starting a clothing line with $0 dollars is to design a brand for eCommerce. Selling directly to your customers allow you to launch with as little as 3-5 designs vs having to create multiple styles, line sheets and samples to sell to retailers.

16:00 Design Programs: Photoshop and Illustrator is the software you will need.

Get access to all design programs:

16:56: Working With Designers: If designing is not your strong suit, consider working with graphic artists on Design Crowd and Fiverr as well as Upwork.




17:48 Setting Up Your ecommerce store: Shopify allows you to integrate with major Print on Demand Platforms such as Apliiq. The key to Shopify is how easy it is to use if you’re a novice to building your own website.

25:20: Social Media: the best way to start marketing your products is to have a presence on social media platforms. Just as important is setting up a landing page that allows you to collect customers emails.

27:38: Collecting Sales: to collect payment for your products, you can use Shopify’s mobile payment platform, Paypal or SquareUp

Shopify Mobile App:



29:03 When to Legitimize Your Business: The best time to set up your LLC, DBA or Corporation will depend on you. I recommend you speak with an attorney or your CPA to decide on your personal situation.

About This Video
This video is full of quality information designed to help entrepreneurs start a clothing line. We dive into details for Direct To Garment Printing (DTG), Embroidery, Labeling, launching your ecommerce website, social media and much more. We created this video with creative entrepreneurs in mind, to help them fully understand what they need to know if they are starting a clothing line with zero dollars. We traveled into Downtown LA to film this video, and share the entire process of building a made to order brand.

For a step by step instruction as well as advanced content, tips and assistance, consider becoming a member of the Ground Up Academy:

*AFFILIATE DISCLAIMER: The description may contain affiliate links, which means that if you click on one of the links, I may receive a small commission (at no added cost to you). This helps me create new videos to support your journey. If you could reference back to this description when you are ready to use a service, I’d greatly appreciate it!

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  1. John Santos says

    I hope this video helps make your business into a reality ??. If you’re reading this, make sure you checkout the video description as it contains additional notes and resources we discussed throughout the video. If you're watching from a cell phone, the description expands by clicking on the arrow right next to the title ??. If you need additional resources and training, checkout the FREE online course I created which dives into greater detail. I also included the Clothing Line Blueprint and Apparel Resource Guide which you can immediately download: http://bit.ly/Free-Apparel-Training

    If you still have questions, or video ideas leave them down below and we will answer them ASAP! Be on the lookout for additional videos hitting the channel where we continue to dive into the apparel business, as well as some very unique entrepreneurship topics.

  2. Electric Bri Fitness with Briana Brink says

    Thank you for this video. I am in the process of starting a clothing line and in the process of having samples made from alibaba. I like the idea of having the fulfillment service, but what if I have a more specific deisgn idea for a shirt that's not offered on websites, what would you say my best option is? thank you.

  3. simon murungi says

    need more here in Africa kenya

  4. Loriana Li says

    Really good video man, even though I’m 14 I’ve always wanted to start some sort of clothing line in order to make the lives of those around me comfier. I’ve been learning a lot lately and your video really helped so even with all the negative comments I just want to say thanks 🙂 I might be young but you can never start to early right, have a good one 🙂

  5. CocoaCrepes TV says

    Hey John great video! As I research further into working with American companies, are there expected delays or restrictions to shipping to Canada during the CoViD19 lockdown? Thanks.

  6. Habiba Begum says

    Thanks a lot mate , you just made my headache go , this was allways my dream and you just solved it in seconds. I've already registered my brand i was just worried about the manufacturing. I do have a 1 acre production line but the costing was getting real high. rebranding and relabelling thing helped me alot.

  7. Fouzia hussain says

    Is there anyone from USA & ready to invest for my clothing business?
    I'm from bangladesh and i send delivery from here

  8. Slick Way says

    Idc what nobody says this video is helpful and true you just gotta listen to what he’s saying I’ve been watching this studying everything he’s said like I’m watching film appreciate the game you giving us now I hope I’m able to do something with it and give it on to the next person ??

  9. Stackztootrill says

    This Lowkey just a commercial for Apliq or whatever it’s called

  10. Deborah Kadima says

    hi John I am Rael Rolex an up coming fashion designer with literally zero capital and in Africa(Kenya). How can i have my Apliiq services all the way here?

  11. jon cruz says

    Vid 18:00 for JonnyVLV

  12. Kelly Deviney says

    But you are just showing that you need to have big machines and stuff to make a clothing brand

  13. dan dalandan says

    Thanks john this is so very informational to individuals who are dreaming to start their own merch 🙂 salute

  14. dubabuba says

    myspace? you know we're not 100 years old

  15. unemployed guy says

    the titled should be "the steps of making your clothing brand"……


    I hope the make quality prints


    Just launched my clothing line and i need a contact that can do business with

  18. Linda Cazsals says

    Great information. All this information is educational. Thank you.

  19. Aureen Cordova says

    click bait. He is basically advertising his friends business and acquiring views and money in youtube. LOL talking about how to build your brand with no money. You can't do any business without investing anything really.

  20. Skullshot Gaming says

    Hey John, when do you think is the best time to trademark your brand??

  21. Thomas Begisco says

    How can I join this business opportunity to also make my own clothing company ?

  22. Larry Turner says


  23. erna verheijdt says

    its interesting. thank you. i like to start.

  24. Ofosu stephen Tutu says

    I'm Ghana ?? African
    Can i make the orders too

  25. Ofosu stephen Tutu says

    I'm jumping to the rest of your free training asap

  26. JOE SUBA says


  27. Kevin Bolsajian says

    Can someone like team with my and make art i have an idea just reply to this comment

  28. PRADIP KAWRE says

    Hi, john . I am from India. I like to start t-shirt manufacturering unit in India. how can help me for fabric and stitching measurements.

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  30. Seez Santos says

    Still relatable !

  31. Vandal says

    why is it that the state options in apliiq only contains american stuff?


    hey mr, i want to sell me t-shirt without logo,how much can sell me and shipping payment,
    from tanzania

  33. DarkFoxMedia says

    I like the videos but my god why does John have to be in the frame 95% of the time. lol

  34. Derrick Danquah says

    Hey People I Got My Own Clothin Line That’s Amazing & Stylish I Sold A lot Of Tees & Hoodies To People City Wide They Loved My Merchandise

  35. Deep Singh says

    Very nice sir g

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