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How to Print from an Android Phone or Tablet


Instructional video on about how to print from an Android phone or tablet.
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  1. GoldenMinecart1203 Barrett says

    @BBbling Boolean will you get a message saying someone print something out please let me know I hope not

  2. GoldenMinecart1203 Barrett says

    I really want to print a picture of a girl I love

  3. Sohit Sharma says

    For a sec I thought Rohit Sharma is going to explain

  4. James Hanley says

    Your talking to fast for viewers that dont know how to do it, thats why
    the vidio is being watched in the
    first place

  5. Tanuja Limbu says

    I am about to print bts thousand of photo

  6. ANMOL Shokeen says

    Thanks bro ??????

  7. Salman Siddiqui says

    Can you tell me how to add printer with mobile by Ip address

  8. Itz_Cotton_Weeb :3 says



    But I forgot the WiFi password. I mean that my brother doesn't remember putting any password. What to do now??

  10. nyasja millner says

    This video really helped me. For some reason my laptop wasn't connecting to my printer correctly and I was getting frustrated till I saw this video. So thank you

  11. 7B MANJARI MEHRA says

    If it is fast watch it in 0.75x speed
    And btw ur wallpaper is good ????

  12. Anne Thomas says

    I typed in print and it told me no results

  13. Bill Rich says

    I think one of the objectives of making a video is for "everyone" who speaks and/or understands English can clearly decipher the narrative. When speaking in the manner in which you did in this video, pronunciation gets lost in the sauce for some of us. In other words, I couldn't hear as fast as you spoke. 🙂 Took all of 1/2 hr for me to understand and apply. Good news is…..Success. So thanks a bunch!

  14. hoxtonhockler says

    Thank you, that was a big help.

  15. Dhanashree Bose says

    That worked cool thanks ??

  16. Renalyn Alaurin says

    is the Canon PiXMA MG2460 can print using mobile phone?

  17. Stephen G criphers says

    Didn't work for me!!Every time i tried to print from my Printer it prints blank pages and that too very slowly. Finally i had to contact Printer expert +1-800-358-2146 for resolving my issue. The only reason I actually tried this was because of all the reviews saying it works. Thank you anyways!!!!

  18. Cruzy Julz says

    Searching for printers…. waiting for 6mins now..what do i do?!

  19. Death Tyohn says

    How do u connect your wifi to your printer

  20. Bakugou Katsuki says

    I'm about to print a whole damn bakugou ??

  21. Imran Ahmed says

    Bro what are the settings you made on your brother machine…?

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