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How to Play Wii on Your Computer (Dolphin)


This video teaches you how to play wii games on your computer using a program called dolphin.


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  1. Snatchy Snansy says

    how to download the game?!

  2. max rules says

    Does this still work? (2019)

  3. JellyFishGirl says

    Everybody is freaking out about how he suggested a mac but Macs are awesome. Way better than other everyday computers. #windowsAndPCSuck

  4. Nintendo Fan Unity says

    just replace the gpu of your pc with a wii

  5. billie joe eilish says

    Do you need the disc for the original game to load the ISO?

  6. Benjamin Timmel says


  7. Home says

    A mac bwahahaha your kidding me.

  8. MasamuneNinjo says

    "You need a pretty fast coumputer. I suggest a Mac" bruh Mac ain't gonna do shit. I use PC to play my GCN and Wii games on Dolphin

  9. Under The Pendulum says

    Every comment is about the fact he suggested a mac instead of a pc for power. My stance?
    Fuck PC. Just because they're basic doesn't mean more powerful or faster, Mac actually kicks Windows ass in that department.

  10. Shattered_Pulse says

    sponsored by apple

  11. Commie says

    "I suggest a Mac"

  12. Lauren Tia says

    I downloaded the ISO and I have it in my finder and when I click search for files and click the ISO, it doesn't do anything

  13. The Very Edgy Yoshi says

    "I suggest a mac"…


  14. TriumphTiger says

    How to do with keyboard?

  15. David says

    "I have a Mac and it's pretty high resolution."

  16. Daragh Haddon says

    "I have a mac, so its high resolution and pretty fast."

  17. Gurbbyy says

    "You're gonna need a pretty fast computer, I suggest a Mac"

    spits out milk


    proceeds to dislike and write an angry comment

  18. Colin Babian says

    Once I heard him say "You need a pretty fast computer. I suggest a Mac." I immediately stopped watching the video.

  19. paperclips says

    I sorry I this sounds stupid but do you need a sensor bar

  20. boobeebah13 says

    "i suggest a mac" holy shit im done

  21. 11Alex16 says

    LOL I love how everyone's saying Macs are slow
    Probably never even owned a mac

  22. Nate Thins says

    there is a part at :23 that i had to pause to do something when i came back i came to the funniest thing ever (besides you face m8) i saw mario and sonic olympic games

  23. Glaxion says

    Controller configuration breaks on me every time I try.

  24. Foxy says

    Mac? Hah, i doubt it i don't think they can take gfx cards, So i suggest a windows lol

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