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This video talks about how players can get the brand new galaxy scout skin in fortnite battle royale.
It also talks about how players can get galaxy scout skin without an android device

Source: https://blogema.org
Read more all post Android Technology : https://blogema.org/android/

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  2. Ali Atewy says

    My name its cklever_king

  3. Şehrezad Sufyan says


  4. Ali Hussain says

    Bro how to crack that fortnite item shop bot

  5. feehawobi says

    does anybody know if this "GaLaXy BuNdLe" will cost 20 fucking $ or 2k-3k v-bucks?

  6. Wolfking419 says

    I forgot I had a android tablet

  7. Koby_is_God says

    Hi doctor Glitch can you plz gift me the driver pickaxe plz my epic: yvg_misa1

  8. Bhudhav Sharma says

    Pls give me any skin u want epic id Bhudhav0306

  9. Ninjaclapz ._. says

    Its gonna cost 2000 vbucks because it's a legendary skin

  10. S P says

    Do you need a Samsung to get the galaxy scout?

  11. thomas flidingo says

    Nice vid can I get gifted my epic is CHIppy1998

  12. Dominick Marks says

    I got into the cup and it ended four minutes after when I got on at the time it said it would start ?

  13. Static says

    I SUBBED and turned on notis plz give me the dark bomber im desperate and i have no skins plz epic is: FUNNYGAMER737

  14. Phenix Gamer says

    My epic is Phenix Gamer yt

  15. Duncan Smith says

    @DOCTER GLITCH can i get the aura skin if it comes back out pls my epic username is RAZGATE

  16. Racmus Eechendoor says

    epic: RacmusEechendoor pls I'm really poor and I get bullied for having only tree skin. Pls I get bullied

  17. SEBA LF says

    The amount of cap ? is emaculate

  18. Extinqt says

    Is the telegram bot still working??

  19. Alvaro Tan p5b says

    Is this real

  20. VidaYT says

    Hi if u looking for a battle pass i know guy named A K A K O i got bp from him

  21. qt Lord says

    U literally said nothing…

  22. IzLitty567 says

    https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=_KlRgmiD8Y4 comment a question i gotchu

  23. suryyansh d says

    Hey doctor glitch my epic user is linkmon888 please add me and gift me any skin

  24. YT_ Farhan says

    I got 45 points eu and thought I would get the skin but I didnt ???

  25. Damiete Briggs says

    I have done everything my epic name is Damiete4 and I will like any skin I'm a default

  26. Renocode says

    You took this video smh

  27. Probs lemoon says

    He: how to get galaxy scout skin without phone
    Me: ok i want it
    He: just buy android and wait for cup
    Me: …

  28. Orgasmic Chicken nugget says

    I wan the rally raider my name on epic is Champion122231

  29. Scaynor Erfan says

    Can we get the galaxy female skin for free

  30. Knight predator PH says

    Your accent is indian to american

  31. Naruto Chicken says

    Naruto_Chicken is my epic it would be great if u would gift me something

  32. Bigwar 10 says

    Hi doctor glitch your glitch is the BEST!
    and can you give the galaxy scout skin when it is out? Pls
    Epic:pbt farhan

  33. Elder _racket0 says

    Captain America

  34. Mr. BlackAsian says

    PLEASE GIFT M- just kidding have a great day

  35. DeskepticalTV says

    Bro i want the skin gifted when it comes, i liked subbed and turned post notifications on for the next video. My epic is faze rrzzr

  36. Mia Andrey says

    I subscribed and liked the video my epic is : capt_bargobar

    I want any skin that you wish, please I really need a skin, thank you.

  37. Blake Wallace says

    yo you might not of seen this but i added you can you gift me something

  38. Youssef makram youssef says

    can you friend me I love your vids I liked the vid and I subscribed and I turn on notifications plz friend me

  39. hicspro says

    TikTok hicspro is my epic

  40. tipycalite FN says

    Hello, I can’t wait to be released!

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