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How to Format a Computer : Formatting a Computer


How to format a personal computer; learn more about using computers in this free instructional video.

Expert: David Justin
Contact: www.tobewired.com
Bio: David Justin has his own computer service business in Los Angeles where he consults for a variety of companies, sets up their computer formatting and provides other technology services.
Filmmaker: Nili Nathan

Source: https://blogema.org
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  1. mohammed ahmed says

    on theorotical pls make practical istruction

  2. Thomai t says

    how stupid can u get? this stupid!!! useless moron!

  3. PaulusAlone says

    So basically put the cd in and follow instructions yeah? Well thank you Einstein…
    Self advertisising and frankly bloody useless info.
    To quote Bart Simpson: 'This both sucks and blows.
    And I concur that most videos from expertvillage ARE useless. : /

  4. machmodeling says

    reely dats it?! wat about da actual formatting example?!

  5. phntmxr8 says

    totally useless take it of you tosser

  6. pablopenguin24 says

    @cxa011500 sad but true =(

  7. TheHDQuality says

    i bought my computer from shop, and it wasnt opened. There was no cd on it. How should i format now?

  8. Frederick Kitchen says

    why cant i just wipe my computer 🙁

  9. Aziz Shavershian says

    useless you suck ffs

  10. hunsag tao says

    so how do we format the hardrive? :-s

  11. Κάπα Δέλτα says

    umm ever tried safe mode??

  12. cxa011500 says

    Wow, that video was incredibly useless….like most videos from expertvillage.

  13. cxa011500 says

    I can do massive formatting. >_>

  14. nick devitt says

    hey is wornding if any one could help me is was on my computer ( running xp) and the power to our house went out (bloddy solar) now when i turn the computer back on it i pick a mode to use it normally i pick normal mode( think thats what it is called) i go on that it starts to load then the computer just resets it self if any could help more would love to thank you.

  15. darken27 says

    So, if I were to reformat my computer, how much would these re-install discs cost?

  16. hilal mazloum says

    email microsoft and ask them

  17. 94WAIPAHUblocc says

    could you help me with my computer problem

    if you go on my channel under favorite theirz a video on "Computer Startup Problem" thats exactly how my computer is

    so please expert village help me

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