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how to convert your computer into JARVIS


J.A.R.V.I.S. is the name of Stark’s AI system that assists him in superhero-ing. It’s also an acronym that stands for “Just a Rather Very Intelligent System.
If you are the big fan of Jarvis then here is the good news for you, you can install Jarvis in your computer and command your computer just like iron man.
to install jarvis in your computer to learn how to command jarvis by voice commands you just need to watch this video till end.

Click to download JARVIS : (Website changed a bit)

How to install JARVIS :

.NET Framwork 4.6 :
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  1. hackncode says

    HOW TO INSTALL JARVIS FROM IT'S NEW WEBSITE, WATCH HERE : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kWOi41qf87M

  2. idiot boy tech says

    Can I install it on android

  3. Chanchal Rana says

    Thankyou i always wnated a jarvis assistant

  4. utsav barot says

    it isn't giving any action on any command


    boos I like your videos please make a video for win 7 to look like win 10. old video link are not available.

  6. MG Gaming says

    Poo da LKG m*** t****** ** ** **

  7. Vivek Devil says

    Can it work for windows 10

  8. Vishwa Deepak Kumar says

    It's not JARVIS

  9. Rushikesh Bane says

    Can you add male voice in it

  10. Panda Gaming says

    Feels like a scam :/

  11. Mihir Patel says

    why this is not working even if i completely my process.??

  12. Harshit Kumar says

    jarves not working in my laptop

  13. Arnav Rajan says

    I have already made it same in python

  14. NeonMods says

    Lmao yeah cuz some a download definitely needs your full name and email….smh to those who download this

  15. xpocogames says

    why does the login not work it doesnt do anything
    2:23 rip people with loud headphones

  16. Bharath Venu says

    Super video

  17. ANGANA BHUNYA says

    Can you please tell me how to change the settings of microphone in Jarvis.
    When I am downloading Jarvis I have clicked on earphones tab and now I want to change that.
    Please help me.

  18. Anil John says

    bro when i first start if came but when i tried second time it is taking a lot time to load please please reply

  19. H D says

    this is awesomme

  20. Tanusree Bhunya says

    Have you used any type of speaker or any device to talk with JARVIS?
    I am giving commands but it's not doing that.
    Can you help me please?

  21. Sugata Sanyal says

    Will it work on linux

  22. Noyon Islam says

    is this safe for my pc

  23. Shruti Sharma says

    Bro assistant is not able to access my internet
    pls help

  24. Mohd Khasif says

    Hey bro can we write an assinment using the Jarvis

  25. Xheikh Sonu says

    is it safe for download with any virus or malware???

  26. Venkey Hari says

    Does it work with Android tablets ??

  27. Venkey Hari says

    Bro can u say this specification like in which pc it works great .. requirements , and will it make other apps to hang over r the system to get being hanging .. and will it cause harm to pc and will it get enabled automatically when we open up our pc .. r should be have to enable this manually after windows has started please reply dude ..?? Waiting for ur answer

  28. Vivek Vudimudi says

    is this safe for our pc

  29. Jakir Hossain says

    When I go to install it, it shows not responding.

  30. Psycho1 says

    "That's Insane, *Jarvis*."

  31. sagar raut says

    how to jarvis install on android…

  32. Hafiz Waris ali says

    How can delete my account from this website?

  33. sifat hossain ratul says

    need a microphone??

  34. Arvind Mishra says

    Is this programme can download in phone

  35. Revani Yaman says

    this free?

  36. Music Juice St says

    hii brother the coomands are not working properly for me brother please figure this out brother
    please help me brother

  37. Tushar Srivastava says

    bhai mera video subsribe kro

  38. Mohammed Noman Wahab says

    thank you for this link

  39. Briefly says

    Doesn't seem shady at all

  40. Adrian Monarrez says

    Is this channel basically how to help others hack your shit videos?

  41. hemarath roy says

    hey bro I installed it
    and then i got it on my screen but …
    after some time my laptop got shutdown due to low battery
    and then when i opened it then jarvis disappeared from the screen..
    plzzzzz…. help me bro.

  42. hemarath roy says

    thanks bro
    I love it

  43. Lim Zhiyong says

    how do you off it

  44. Ronak's Fun World says


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