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How to Clean Personal Electronics : Cleaning a Personal Computer Keyboard


Learn from our expert some great techniques for cleaning your computer keyboard in this free how-to video on cleaning personal electronics.

Expert: Bobby Hester
Bio: Bobby has several years of experience in construction and remodeling. He is very detail oriented and takes pride in making sure all of his work is of a high standard.
Filmmaker: bobby Hester

Source: https://blogema.org
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  1. Temicka says

    You trying to rid your fingerprints so the cops wont get ya. lol

  2. Miciso says

    @jdbaron25 enough to clean it up 😀

  3. foreverdancingwithskeletons says

    lol!! i just take mine apart and put it into the shower

  4. mrvlhs says

    "I just cleaned the outer part of my keyboard, now let me use my tooth brush to pull out the dirt again"

    Noob cleaning… just remove the keys and decently clean it… you can't take an entire oreo out of a keyboard with a brush and believe me, there's even condoms in my keyboards when I clean them once a year. I'm just glad I never found my dog there

  5. Mibmu says

    I was thinking the same thing…

  6. Mibmu says

    Please… Just take of all of the keys and clean that shit…

  7. 2007FORLife says

    lmfao does he want to kill his keyboard? this guy sucks, he uses compressed air on it's side so all the liquid comes out, he uses wipes to clean the outside when its not even dirty and he brushes his teeth with that toothbrus -.- how did expert village even come to earth >_>

  8. Miciso says

    i use a lil vacuum wich i can hook up on my usb

  9. RomanianUser says

    what if i have illuminated keyboard? (led that is)

  10. Elizabeth Sanchez says


  11. aThL0n64x2 says

    you want MORE HARDCORE ?
    just smash your keyboard and you're good to go..

  12. stickmagnet says

    How can you clean a pop soda spilling on keyboard? TO THE LANDFILL!! This video is not good enough for me and good for n00bs. If you soda and coffee spills you are out of luck with this video.

    You want HARDCORE?? I dismantle the whole keyboard remove any electronics aside then soak the button and plastic cases in mild detergent. Not only remove dust and boogers and also smells good!

  13. Car Audio Inc says

    not a bad video but what qualifies you as an expert? I've had over 12 years of experience with computers. Does that make me an expert? Owning a video production company doesn't make you a computer expert but more of a business man.

  14. Jeffmorgan83 says

    I just put my keyboard in the top shelf of the dishwasher. Works great.

  15. PCG520 says

    It's called pop the keys off the keyboard and clean the shit out.

  16. gooey41 says

    man you dirty fuck blowing that shit in the house? nasty.

  17. Aleš says

    lol i take the back off and use my vacum cleaner and no fucken sprays…

  18. Dan C says

    sweet monitors ^.^

  19. Carlus D says

    I always do it the hardway I dismantle everything and wash each and every key then dry them up.

  20. johnmonk66 says

    forgot to recommend turning it upside down to shake the big dirt out

  21. Barack Lasagna says

    whats with the audio.

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