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How to Clean a Computer : How to Clean a Computer with an Antistatic Wrist Strap


Learn about cleaning computers to avoid static and properly use an antistatic wrist strap to clean the computer in this free video.

Expert: Paolo Javier
Bio: Paolo Javier is a CompTIA A certified freelance PC repair technician for 5 years doing repairs, upgrades, installation, PC assembly and maintenance services for home and small to medium scale busines
Filmmaker: Rut Sae-Eng

Source: https://blogema.org
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  1. SuperWubDub says

    ur CAPS are SO fucking ANNOYING

  2. leahsdreams says

    I did this stupidly without a earthing strap and now my GPU will never be the same…

  3. Hugo Peraza says

    Sir, you forgot about the needed 100% cotton bunny outfit.

  4. TheDuckSlap says

    ok i was confused about the crocodile clip, so all you need to do is ground yourself to the case then?

  5. Rora989 says

    @msalak87 I've heard that the case has to be plugged into the wall (but not switched on at the wall obviously) to be grounded as well. (may only work in the EU, not sure how US plug sockets work)

  6. markymark74 says

    So if the computer is not plugged in to the mains and switched off, and he is wearing the strap the computer is not grounded unless the mains lead is connected to the wall socket, so how is the guy in the video grounded as his PC looks to be unplugged and not connected to the mains. I have heard that you should unplug your PC when working on it, so if you use the strap connected to your PC and it is unplugged then you are not grounded which is means the strap is useless?, am I correct?

  7. xbasket12x says

    @chucknorrisgawd LOL 😛

  8. ilikecomedy says

    @novoare and @godsend171
    man u guys make me laugh haha

  9. Tom Lincoln says

    Yes, it's best to be naked when working on your computer…clothes cause too much static, also it's good practice to shave all your body hair as that can fry components

  10. Mastermind12358 says


    you wont notice damage right away, it will get broken over time.

  11. Thomas Pedersen says

    But, i don't wanna get grounded! 🙁

  12. tape wires to the side of case with invisible tape that way it looks like the wires are obeying to stay beside the case… if someone says, "hey, what's hanging?" you can officially say, "not my pc wires." and you'd be speakin' "the truth." you'd be the einstein of pc rigs.

  13. Kab says

    Will it work if I attach it to any metal on the inside or outside of the case ? and where will it ground it if im working on a wood table ?

  14. P0gU says

    What if you don't have one?

  15. mytube1968 says

    Well… you kind of. The point is to make sure there is no electrical potential between you and the computer, or device to device. So, connecting it to the case would work, but if you have multiple devices, you still need a common ground (such as a stack mat).

  16. Mariofan800 says

    You have to attach to ANYTHING that is metal.

  17. madjimms says

    @Rodnehh The airflow cares……………

  18. GirkenGain says

    Well of course you didn't you were wearing your anti-static panties. Sorry I'm not trying to be rude. Sounded funny to me in my head….I guess it's not.

  19. thecomputerist says

    i doubt that he cant, but he dosent want to spend like 300 dollars on components when he can spend 5 on a wrist strap

  20. Herpius Derpus says

    First thing expert village has remotely gotten correct. Still its a shit computer and I feel sick when someone cant remotely grasp the concept of cable management

  21. madjimms says

    All these certifications but he can't seem to do any cable management? that's kind of sad…

  22. dannielpreto says

    Well do you know about static energy? it destroyed the soviet union that's the reason America invented the strap

  23. Manny G says

    I just bought mine for 3 bucks. just trying to figure out how to properly ground it

  24. Manny G says

    I just pictured myself doing that lol

  25. madjimms says

    That's what I do… when I remember.

  26. dannielpreto says

    Well man it's 3 bucks guys are spending 2000+ on computers 3 dollars seem insignificant by comparison. It doesn't hurt to be safe and it's 3 dollars or you can be like me and touch the metal part of the chassis LOL

  27. madjimms says

    So that's the key? I should have been doing it sooner than…

  28. madjimms says

    Its like buying a 3 dollar steering wheel cover, in case you….. accidentally get your wheel dirty..

  29. dannielpreto says

    Yeah but those things are like 3 bucks so no biggie better safe than sorry I say.

  30. madjimms says

    Unless you generate high amounts of static, the wrist band does NOTHING….. simply touching the bare metal in the case gives you a good ground & will protect your components.. I have NEVER had something fail due to static….. & I often touch the parts WITHOUT grounding WHILE the PC is on…

    Its like getting SUPER insurance for a Pinto.

  31. dipakmistry94 says

    so will it still work if im on carpet?

  32. Jarwan says

    I read it somewhere from someone reviewing anti static wrist wraps and concluded they were useless. He said using a regular household multimeter the latex gloves gave a reading of 0.02 millivolts while the wrist wrap of around 32.0 (at the time of measuring)……latex gloves come in a box of 100 or so, I would rather buy those and build my pc butt naked on a wooden surface.

  33. Alex S. says

    Does the PC have to be plugged into an outlet in the wall for the wrist band to work?

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