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How to Buy a Computer : How to Install a DVD Drive


Learn how to play DVD’s on the computer! Learn how to install a DVD drive on a desktop computer in this free computer and electronics video, with tips on computer care and maintenance for PC users.

Expert: Matt Dinatale
Bio: Matt Dintale has 10 years working with the PC. He is certified in both A and Net , with an associates degree in computer information systems.
Filmmaker: Christopher South

Source: https://blogema.org
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  1. usesmx06 says

    No offense but your videos are wack and not helpful at all. I tried two seperate topics and they both sucked. FAIL!!!!!

  2. Aperez says

    thats why it's made in parts. this is part 1. the next part, which is part 2, is "How to Connect a DVD Drive."

  3. Eilif Finsaas says

    i think something got messed up he didnt install it not his fault

  4. Mad Max says

    You dumb ass, what a boring video,, get a life you moran

  5. adick neh says


  6. adick neh says

    you didnt even install it!!!

  7. adick neh says

    hey how to detect a dvd drive in bios!!!!

  8. viper390 says


  9. Stephen King says

    I hate expert village videos!
    They never show you anything useful!

  10. The Sega Man says

    He didn't show us how, but it says part 1, maybe we go to thier website?

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