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How to Buy a Computer : How to Choose a Desktop Monitor


Learn about picking out a computer monitor and how to choose a desktop computer monitor, either a CRT or flat panel LCD monitor, in this free computer and electronics video for PC and Mac users.

Expert: Matt Dinatale
Bio: Matt Dintale has 10 years working with the PC. He is certified in both A and Net , with an associates degree in computer information systems.
Filmmaker: Christopher South

Source: https://blogema.org
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  1. Ben Yeiser says

    If I had a choice between a loaded gun and watching this video I would choose the gun

  2. Bas van der Meij says

    I have heard so many things in this vid explained wrong or just in a plain stupid way that it is kinda funny 😛

  3. Orgil Batsaikhan says

    What year is this?

  4. JoosepK says

    I fell asleep

  5. terraBYTE's Elder Channel says

    hp pavilion m50 monitor

  6. Simke Simkič says

    i think that you get better resolution with a CRT

  7. AfroSchmuck says

    AHhahehehahaheheheh ah ah he he eh ehe ah aha h the comments are so funny. Some are wise, some are bullshit, but there grotesquely funny.

  8. Geert365 says

    I can''t here the word "GAMES" anymore.

  9. Krzysztof Blazejewicz says

    i remember when i bought the hp 15 inch crt for 399.99 dollars

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