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How to Build a Custom PC Computer : Preparing the Case for a Custom PC Computer


Learn how to get the computer case ready to build a custom PC in this free instructional video.

Expert: Allen Gottfried
Contact: www.greendevil.com
Bio: Allen Gottfried has been bartending and working in the food service industry for more than three years.
Filmmaker: Allen Gottfried

Source: https://blogema.org
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  1. StuntzMcKenzy says

    I built my first computer 10 years ago, and for some reason this video is under my "liked" playlist. Why!?

  2. TFOKillSwitch says

    nope. there is a guy who built a pc in to a pizza box. look it up lol

  3. coltciber castro says

    jajjajaja computador biej aajja

  4. Ty Stout says

    hey i didn't know i had to put the screw in the hole

  5. Heretic says

    So much for custom computer, lol Hey man HP called they want their case back. LOL NOOBS

  6. artifactingreality says

    wow bro thats a fucking nice case

  7. Jason Chang says

    @224StuartWhite224 You'd be surprise how many idiotic people watch youtube tutorials…

  8. Stuart White says

    @Curn1 I agree, His videos are pointless. Im sure nobody needs teaching how to take a side off of a computer and how to unscrew the screws.

  9. HansensUniverse says

    a case whould be good right, LMAO stupid guy

  10. IHunger4Battle1 says

    Riser screws = motherboard standoffs…

  11. IHunger4Battle1 says

    +1 – Agreed

  12. Herpius Derpus says

    I thought he was gonna mod it, why the hell wud u build a custom comp from that?

  13. David Ka says

    lol,,then why are you watching this video,,,,, tell me ur soo good, how do you apply thermal paste on the cpu.

  14. rustyjoxz540 says

    no offence to the people who cant make a pc but you would have to be dumb too not know how to. im 12 and a can build a pc from scratch

  15. Bilash Hossain says

    Personal Computer computer

  16. Kingzogre says

    But billybob, I aint no how to read

  17. WarDoom says

    Holy Shit I have the same case. LMAO but mine is not like that anymore its yellow. =D

  18. plasmathunderdx says

    I know eh? I couldn't believe it my self …

    It was a proprietary locking/cover system for a ceiling light, it didn't help that I couldn't see it at all when I was taking it off. I still don't even know how to put the cover back on….

    "Building a computer is easy, it's just high tech Lego."

  19. qwerty says

    So much trouble with a light bulb? You poor thing… XD

  20. plasmathunderdx says

    I had more trouble replacing my room's light bulb than assembling my PC a few weeks ago.

  21. Fau says

    or a Apevia Silver X-Cruiser Case ATX Mid-Tower Case with Clear Side NAO THATS KINKY

  22. Fau says


  23. Fau says

    Hello Mistur Anderson

  24. Fau says

    me too.

  25. JohnTechLocke says

    he may not be a computer expert, but he's a PROFESSIONAL at what he does.

  26. Jeremy C says

    lol Building a computer is just like expensive lego. It's not hard at all.

  27. Ian D says

    i have the same comp case :/

  28. Penispussi says

    Do you really have to help ppl to put screws in a computer box ? ;O

  29. Average Guy Reviews says


  30. polarbear60 says

    Expert my butt!

  31. ronillius01 says

    youre bad at explaining things

  32. ronillius01 says

    man u dont even know what youre doing

    u should be glad u got a comment from a real computer technician

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