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How to Build a Custom PC Computer : Installing the Motherboard


Learn how to install a computer motherboard needed to build a custom PC in this free instructional video.

Expert: Allen Gottfried
Contact: www.greendevil.com
Bio: Allen Gottfried has been bartending and working in the food service industry for more than three years.
Filmmaker: Allen Gottfried

Source: https://blogema.org
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  1. ajamit007 says

    No Stand Off for MotherBoard = Short Out your Component..

  2. askmiller says

    when i typed in how to build a motherboard, i was hopeing som1 would have a video of a computer he made out of 9v batteries and copper wire… lol…

  3. Manny G says

    Yeah I think I see one. It's the very top slot it's black, but I think that's pci-e.

  4. somesoup94 says

    Dont talk unless you know how to spell.
    Lol jk but i thought i would just throw it out there lol

  5. Luka says

    OR install the psu , connect it and set the switch to off

  6. Mannimedia says

    and i dont think he didnt any of that.

  7. Mannimedia says

    umm ya. you can do that to. its very rare to destroy your pc. i already knew that so i do have experience

  8. Vittorio Puglisi says

    ive build tond of pcs … i never used an anti static brace and i never destroyed a mother board or a cpu …
    and btw .. if you mount the psu , switch the psu of and plug the psu into an ac outlet you will be grounded

    dont talk unless your expirienced

  9. Lester Jeffries says

    He is working on a antstatic pad.

  10. Mannimedia says

    dont do what he did! if you dont ground you self ur destroy you motehrboard and u cant use it! so before you do anything ground your self. you can do that by getting an anti static brace.!

  11. quib says

    Have fun with your new expensive fried motherboard!

  12. mrdrastic says

    Absolutely correct. He didn't even say anything about ESD precautions at all.
    So if i didn't know the rules and followed only his video, i could easily damage something and never know until i tried to power it on.
    maybe these videos aren't for beginners?

  13. JohnTechLocke says

    i know!!!!!

  14. Michael L says

    wow you shouldnt call yourself an expert…no ESD antistatic mats or anything, as well as a magnetic screwdriver…this vid shows nothing but screwing in a motherboard and possible frying it without even knowing, theyres more to installing a motherboard than screws….fail.

  15. Krzysztof Goryca says

    should u put the cpu before the motherbord is screwed in or after???

  16. JovelarG2S says

    what did you do before the show? pull apart some old 1994 computer? but i guess i's just showing some people how to put together a computer O_O if thats what that is

  17. Divine says


  18. GsKillz 818 says

    not very expert. fail.

  19. Ryan Downer says

    the cpu is under that fan right there on the mobo

  20. Johnny03 says

    what are you looking to build?

  21. Johnny03 says

    hey, you might want to tell them that you have to put your motherboard mounts on first. beginners dont know what "brass screws" are.

  22. Serge Gukasov says

    if you have already assembeled comp, look for a big aluminum or sometimes cooper piece sticking out of mobo. the CPU is under that thing. if you have bare mobo, look for a small square space with lots of needles in it.

  23. RSSsailing says

    my case (coolermaster cosmos s) has a wire for front panel audio and firewire and esata, but on the asus q connector you can only put ide led power sw, and reset sw. where does the front audio and esata go?

  24. xVolt says

    8 gb is useless,, 2 or 4 is more than enough;) put your money in your processor and graphic card;)

  25. Steven Christopher Philippas says

    Great vid, and you keep comming out with more! this helped me alot

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