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How THIS wallpaper kills your phone.


The cursed wallpaper that crashes Android phones, finally explained. This video gets pretty complex, so get comfortable!

Original image by Gaurav Agrawal:
Huge thanks to Mishaal:
and Davide:
and Ice Universe:

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  1. Retro Wiktor says

    Oh no this wallpaper broke my phone broke ! It was the only device that i could watch YouTube on …….

  2. Madeline Reaves says

    Wait is it safe on apple products?

  3. Yeet gang JOIN says


  4. Jonathan To says


    Android: "When you get a problem you don't know how to fix, just try to close it up and run away from it."

  5. Irene White says

    My phones fine

  6. Irene White says

    Ok I lied

  7. Irene White says

    I took a screen shot And it went Wrong

  8. Kiko Games says

    10 million people got their phones saved after this video xD

  9. zain plays says

    A hard reset may fix it can u tell me?

  10. Volteic says

    I can't wait to get a new phone so I can do this.

  11. itz_Michii says

    Me:*2020 can't be that bad*:July: *cursed freaking wallpaper*

  12. Sanu Anu says

    Love all of your videos ? and l the accent of English was outstanding but is the Arun or Aron ? We got confused here ?

  13. RevizBetterThan416_YT says

    But I’m on apple

  14. Junky Rift says

    Well what do you expect that’s an android???

  15. Roke mine says

    Mrwhosetheboss: explains how this kills your phone

    Other people with bad intentions: WRITE THAT DOWN WRITE THAT DOWN

  16. manon begin says

    I have the same samsung phone

  17. Ehsan Khan says

    Mr. You ARE the BOSS!

  18. Radu MC says

    Who else was feeling anxious while watching this on a phone?

  19. Connor Bryant says

    When the pixel popped up my phone crashed.

  20. federico selmi says

    ye right this is fake i tried it on samsung

  21. Richárd Simon says

    I've seen the original pic in full resolution, basically a nice shoot, but it have epic chromatic aberration. Anyway, i'll set as wallpaper to check what happens :'D

  22. hanif siraj says

    I subscribed because of this video. What a research ?

  23. Meme :3 says

    guys my switch broke because i applied the wallpaper 🙁

    typed on a switch

  24. سعود البلوشي says

    But why it crashs

  25. Anton Kroukam says

    If your phones battery dies and you charge an poeer it back up every thing is back to normal

  26. Nadim Mannaa says

    does this wallpaper kills apple devices?

  27. MrRudeboey says

    lINK PLS

  28. derpendary says

    This is going to be my brother's new wallpaper.

  29. Morenob says

    Does this happen with iphone too?

  30. Melwin Stanislaus says

    You shows the actual picture on the video, why our smartphone doesn't affected?? Oh wait.. maybe because I'm so dumb..

  31. Laura_love Kwiatkowska says

    I deal so bad for you

  32. zphilip says

    I've found a solution!
    Just throw your phone on the ground so that it smashes.
    Now buy a new one.
    thanks me later..

  33. Adi Animations says

    Your English is so good

  34. Yesser says

    Now im scared to change my wallpaper lmao

  35. I’m about to send this wallpaper to my friends with samsung and google phones to assert my dominance

  36. ColezaxPlayz says

    all i know about rgb is that it can give your games +999999999999 fps

  37. Ento [idv] says

    when u try it out to see if it works….

  38. Luna’s Movies says

    That ‘random picture’ looked like Jellie! (Jellie is GoodTimesWithScar’s cat, scar is a popular Minecraft YouTuber)


    Aneh Sekali

  40. One An says

    This feels like a vsauce video

  41. General Rage says

    People:dont ever use this wallpaper

    Everyone:Uses the wallpaper


    Time to learn science

  43. Don't Ask Animations says

    Video starts here



  44. -DB- Der Kleine Spasti says

    aight time to take this as background

  45. Jxid Xjdj says

    At the end of the vid he makes it sound so easy to code. But its true tho

  46. mr lian the first says


  47. Atma Singh says

    Imagine it crash your 1400$ samsung galaxy S20 5g but didn't do anything on a 400$ mid range smartphone ??

  48. Jeon Byungchae says

    Android things KEKW

  49. NuVanDibe says

    clamp 0…255

    is that so hard

  50. ace lopez says

    I will just stick to my Sylvester Cat wallpaper.

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