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How a Soccer would Be In Anime ??? y’all know Anime Exaggerates everything that happen ???⚽️

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  1. Plus Ultra says

    Damn this some inazuma eleven shit

  2. pluggedin-the-ratbird says

    One of the best things about this is how the tension is so subdued, and then… "BICYCLE KICK!"

  3. Дрэйкор says

    Actually, there are anime about football, but it's some old

  4. Huge Shalaw says

    Where is the God hand dude

  5. Sofia Grace Nadela says

    Inazuma11 in a nutshell

  6. Rafael Agustin says

    0:33 and 1:12 he hit that ball so hard it replayed 3 different times

    Props if you get the reference

  7. Сентаро Танака says

    Thats football

  8. Tito Collie says

    This is inaacurate the subbed version should have said "What"

  9. RobloxSlayer says

    Bruh inazuma eleven

  10. darrell dovenbarger says

    Old big dumb almosted ruined it for me lol

  11. Adams Hamza says


  12. Orlando Silverio says

    There's actually a soccer anime called clean freak aoyama-kun

  13. Mark Lemuel Bulatao says

    Tsurugi Kyousuke shot. Laughtrip

  14. chenrayen says

    i'm for for Prison Ball 2

  15. Jeffry Gon says

    Love god and Jesus..

  16. marky manguilimotan says

    Inazuma be like:

  17. Mittens FastPaw says

    It lacked the cheater getting away with faking crap and the awful ref allowing it before the miracle shot.

  18. KUNAL NANDA says

    Reminds me if inazuma 11 ??

  19. Mia zuki says

    This anime already exists

  20. Milan Milić says

    Inazuma eleven logic xD

  21. pluggedin-the-ratbird says

    "I can still block it if I change the trajectory of my legs! Huaaahhahahaargh!"

    I appreciate your exaggeration of the exaggeration of anime.

  22. Ajay Nath says

    Sees "Anime" Interested
    Sees "Soccer" uninterested

  23. Daddy Elvis:3 says


  24. Ultra Instinct Goku says

    What's the song when he does bicycle kick

  25. Muuk Van Der Sande says

    Soccer only exist in savage America, in the rest of the world you got football

  26. Pearl Derougemont says

    Captain tsubasa lives action.

  27. Booger Bread says


    Villian team -> a bunch of pros that took practice seriously, also they look like a bunch of gangsters for some reason except for some idk why
    Main character team -> A bunch of random looking stupid casual idiots that never took soccer seriously except for the main character lmao xd

  28. Booger Bread says

    Where are the fire effects????!???!?!? Dont you know that in soccer if you do ultimate attack the ball will have fire trail or something?!?!?!?

  29. David Martínez says

    Captain Tsubasa and Inazuma eleven aren't like that

  30. Twisted Hermit says

    Never heard of captain Tsubasa? 😀

  31. Murat Akgun says

    So your saying I'm the only one who remembers tusubasa the football anime

  32. JpDaKing says

    Captain Tsubasa be like

  33. Sir Lancedog says

    did u mean football?

  34. Bruh Bruh says

    So bassicaly imazuma eleven

  35. i have no name says

    inazuma 11 vibes EUGGHHHH

  36. Camaro ss 455 says

    ???????????????????????????????????????????????????? the slow timings in anime is epic

  37. Lalrin Pui says

    Dumb things anime people do 101 : stand there and watch their allies/friend die

  38. Windy Gacha says

    Goalie tried so hard not to laugh or smile

  39. GamingCodas says

    watch inazuma eleven if u want a soccer anime (btw)

  40. Gabbo Verde says

    Inazuma Eleven
    Galacktic Football (not anime)
    And Holly and Benji

  41. Nick says

    So, gallactik football?

  42. Not a hot tub ok says

    There's already a soccer anime

  43. Daniel S says

    just watch the soccer-themed anime called Captain Tsubasa

  44. Jay Colsell says

    This reminds me of the film 'Shaolin Soccer' ???

  45. SamTheDreamer says

    If you're looking for someone who does anime reactions or just reactions come to my channel ?

  46. SavageRush012 says

    Insert fallen friend flashback

  47. Haysus83 says

    Lmfao dont know how I missed this one

  48. kekyoin noriaki says

    Laughs in Captain Tsubasa

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