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How SMOOTHNESS of a SOCCER BALL affects curve!


The reverse magnus effect – Curving and bending a ball using the magnus effect is common in soccer, tennis, and baseball. The effect can be reversed though – kick the ball the same way, and it will bend in the opposite direction!

FYFD Boundary Layer Transition video:

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Creator: Dianna Cowern
Expert: Nicole Sharp, FYFD
Animator: Kyle Norby

Thanks to:
Prof. John Bush, MIT
Daniel Walsh, UCSD
Kyle Kitzmiller


Music: APM and YouTube
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  1. Aiden Conde says

    isnt laminar flow controled by the inverse square law

  2. Aiden Conde says

    the magnious affect

  3. Jason Fuller says

    OMG – I always wondered why it was so hard to kick the smooth ball

  4. Tanndo Baloyi says

    i learned about this in primary school when i wanted to know how to do a reverse swing with a cricket ball

  5. Rafael Nadal says

    and because its lighter

  6. Mahesh M V U says

    0:54 that’s a good example of a knuckleball.

  7. Jose Mosquera says

    Hi, my name is Jose Esteban Mosquera, I am a student from Colegio Nueva York in Bogotá, Colombia. I am part of the IB program 2020 and as a requirement to obtain the IB diploma it is necessary to make an extended essay. I am doing my extended essay in the magnus effect assumed as a parabolic movement to study the force that experiments the ball during a soccer free kick. It is a topic that I am really passionate about, because I really like soccer and physics. The plan was to record the curve of the ball from a drone and analyse the video in the programe tracker, this is very similar to what you did in the video. Nevertheless, I could not record the videos, and now because of the COVID – 19 and the quarentine that will be extended indifinitely I can not record the videos because I do not have the necessary space nor the drone. I want to know if it was possible that you facilitate me the videos you recorded from the drone of the ball number 1 (soccer ball) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=akjQbPKKD7I&t=306s to advance in my exploration. I wish you could help me with these videos to avoid changing my extended essay since this is the only way to continue with my exploration.

    Thank you. I will be looking forward for your answer.

  8. erhan huz says

    I am a lşttle bit late to this video but how does the masses of the balls play into this?

  9. Roger Scott Cathey says

    That's why it's illegal to spit on the ball. Even a spot of spit on a pool ball affects path.

  10. Jyotheesh Puthrodath says

    Happy Physicsing!

  11. Richard Wales says

    Not trying to de-rail expert opinions but , as a child , I noticed that the smooth type balls stop spinning mid flight which causes the odd corkscrew effect. Love the shows Dianna.

  12. Caesar Bro! says

    Would you consider doing a mechanics analysis on heading a soccer ball and the implications regarding chronic traumatic encephalopathy; like what might the brain look like from the moment the body launches to moment of impact?
    What about rotation of the head right before impact?
    What about pure forward momentum with no body rotation.
    Will jumping decrease forces concentrating in the head and neck by transferring linear momentum in the ball to angular momentum in the middle axis of the entire body?

  13. Calcifer_444 Calcifer_444 says

    Make a video about baseball curve too that would be awesome ✨

  14. Jishnu S says

    Normal balls: Magnes effect
    Jabulani: hey magnus, hold my beer?

  15. LukeBass1000 says

    So this explains reverse swing of a cricket ball

  16. Rafael Ribeiro Felix says

    check it out Roberto Carlos free kicks,


    Is that the same effect?

  17. Micah Saxman says

    how about kicking a soccer ball with no rotation. does this eliminate the magnus effect? does it encourage laminar flow? i have been spending the past few years learning how to kick a soccer ball with minimal to zero rotation and am noticing things i cannot explain easily. please help.

  18. charles says

    You always manage to pick those strange little known effects that really make you think. Thank-you so much

  19. dave miller says

    Where are the smart pretty girls in my area? Have they gone to Youtube as well?

  20. John Salkeld says

    Cricket ball swing has complexities due to the relative weights and smoothness of the sides of the ball

  21. Lil_Afghani says

    physics "girl" ?

  22. Mohan Panicker Panicker says

    Do a cricket ball swing

  23. Nirant Ramakuru says

    Can we name it the Sungam effect!!

  24. Saumi_10 says

    But that doesn't happen witha regular football irrespective pf how smooth it is…..the 2nd ball here is so light weight

  25. Dozerex Reignzz says


  26. Just Jonathan says

    Guys, I figured out how it works

    A magical property called

    The wind.

  27. Michael Lubin says

    For the anti-"soccer" purists: the name football was used as far back as the Middle Ages for what is now called "mob football," which had no rules and involved two large groups of people trying to move the ball into goals a long distance apart. Nothing prevented you from using your hands and indeed carrying the ball (other than the fact that you might get trampled by a mob of opponents). The "foot" part refers to the fact that you played on your feet and not on horseback – a very important distinction at that time, as it marked football as a game for the masses and not the equestrian elite. So, no, "football" does not actually mean a game dominated by kicking. It just worked out that way in Association football/FIFA football/soccer – a happy verbal accident.

  28. Fuad Phenomenon says

    i've been playing with soft balls at home and I WOULD GET FRUSTRATED every time the ball acted differently. THANKS to this video now i know why this has happened

  29. Duane Rowe says

    Because the ball is lighters

  30. Dimitri Oguenin says

    Coucou !

  31. 616 metal musician says

    Yay i have the 666th comment

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