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HOW MUCH does BALI COST? Digital Nomad Lifestyle


How much does is cost to live in Bali? Well, Whether you’re a digital nomad working from your computer in Canggu or someone looking for an escape, I tracked my expenses in Bali Indonesia for 30 days to show you what it’s like to live in Bali and how much you should expect to pay.

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  1. Maria Chole says

    Uhm… can u put like the list place u went? Bc me and my bf planning to visit there but we dont know any affordable place like u had so…

  2. Tshering Penden says

    Sir can you mail me at zigyel80@gmail.com details about cost expense in Bali…since I want to go there after covid 19 recovery…thank you la

  3. Edi Dermawan says

    i like it when you say to stay focus on your work, but showing video you sleeping

  4. m s says

    I love u indonesia

  5. andrea de monte says

    you are doing a very good job , man ! thanks for the precious infos !

  6. MARIA SILVIA says


  7. Tom Bussat says

    If you like this video go check this dudes Vlog in Vietnam !

  8. anita lee says

    I let's you know everyone BALI IS INDONESIA ISLAND

  9. Daniel Kang says

    Jesus, I'm like "what am I working so hard for in this freacking hactic city?"

  10. Audi Joshe says

    Welcome my country

  11. Zurita Zahri says

    Thank you!!!

  12. Megs' v says

    Please come to manado, North sulawesi too, so many a good place here.. Bunaken(for diving), beach, shopping etc.
    But maybe, after the corona's gone 😁

  13. The Driscoll family Uk says

    Hi love your channel!! Check out our outdoor adventure in the Uk! Have subscribed. https://youtu.be/6mzD6Yfqd_A

  14. Anti Mainstream Gadget says

    You being a rich man if come to indonesia

  15. sunny roy says

    good to see hinduism is such a big religion and culture in bali

  16. Muhammad Danish says


  17. LJ says

    I LOVE your Bali videos! But this guy from a channel called Radical Living who lives in Bali says the Instagram paradise is all very fake and Bali has become very ghetto. Is that true?!????? 🤷🏽‍♂️😳 https://youtu.be/W7vJHrpjwv8

  18. 7 Live Music project says

    great presentation 😗😙😙

  19. Edi Saputra says

    1 month living expenses in Bali, 3 months living expenses in my city 😂

  20. Nex Harris says

    Welcome to bali

  21. Poonam pradeep gyanani says

    U make traveling look so eazy

  22. K I N G says

    How many usd was the house

  23. mas boy RC says

    I swear i'am not carlos 😎

  24. Hendra Mulyana says

    5:58 Where it is? Anyone know?

  25. firdaus fadlillah says

    Anak kos living style
    Kosan Rp.500.000/bulan
    Makan Rp.50.000/hari
    Entertainment Rp.50.000/Minggu
    Other expanses Rp.150.000/month
    Total Rp 2.550.000/month ($175) 😂😂

  26. J Huntoon says

    Dog meat is cheap, they regularly butcher local dogs and serve to tourists…Not right 😡

  27. Video Chanel69 says

    This overprice……… SCAM 🤣🤣😂😂😂

  28. sven 3232 says

    “I’m not Carlos I’m Christian 😅😅” 😭😭😂😂😂😂

  29. bertrand fernandes says

    This is the best channel

  30. mohamed amaan says

    thanks for this, very inspiring !!

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