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How I Replaced the Music in LEGO Island


LEGO Island’s music is great. The music quality, not so much. Join me as I try to navigate this obscure antique codebase and try to force it to play higher quality music than it was ever intended to!

Coupled with one of the HD mods for this game, LEGO Island can really feel… okay, it’ll never feel “modern”, but it’ll give you a whole new perspective on a game we all know and love.

Anyways thank you for your patience between this video and the last! Sorry about the long delay, but I’m back in action and have TONS of new ideas ready to go. Stay tuned for some new Hot Stuff!

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  1. ehrenhaftermann says

    I watch your Lego Island to go to sleep. Thank you

  2. TheGuru54585 says

    I didn't expect to hear Toto's Africa in this video

  3. AidanTheTurtle says

    Still don't know why I watched this video considering I never played the game. It was a great video nonetheless

  4. Memeicus Gaming says

    Why do you run Windows 7 with the Windows 10 default background

  5. Zone /A says

    Now replace textures with 4K ones, add awesome shaders, remake models and we have GTA6

  6. Just a regular meme account says

    My framerate is 80 mph

  7. Ipercrayy says

    if you press this the background music will crash👉 1:08


  8. Luis Fernan JrM RgL says

    I don't know, but you can perfectly make a ASMR video. Lovely voice

  9. Axirn Indar says

    I actually knew that the dune buggy segment stops looping I used to turn off the crt instead of shutting the PC down(usually before bed)

  10. Walkingmamal93 says

    almost 100k

  11. snika123 says

    Oh my this is amazing, so much nostalgia

  12. CubingInSeconds says

    You look like if theodd1sout and jaidenanimations had a kid. 🙂

  13. not UwU says

    88 miles per hour

  14. Victor Louis Ammundsen says

    I admire almost everything about this but did not get my “Brick by brick” fix, so pretty mad.

  15. Gützi says

    Lego island is the best ps1/ps2 game ever.

  16. Jonathan Windham says

    Woah, I didn’t even know this was in my memory

  17. Evan Potter says

    “Whoops, you haft to the cd in your computer.”

  18. Jomaster The Second says

    Finally, Hell/Tropical Jams in its near full glory

  19. stiky says

    8 8 M I L E S P E R H O U R

  20. Foxxey • Krunker says

    0:26 nice "Back to the Future" reference

  21. Fenix7667 says

    ew light mode visual studio

  22. Steve says

    got randomly recommended this but yoo.. this dude looks like markiplier brother with near identical mixed facial feature..

  23. D3fenderfox says

    You look like a malnourished markiplier

  24. Chris Eveley says

    Your channel is "fun with the hex editor, volume n" and I learn lots of fun things about custom data structures from it 🙂 Subscribed and hit the bell.

  25. Umro says

    Fix captain claw

  26. dispatchnig vomitory says

    I'll never be as smart as you!

  27. Jiex Cabaluna says

    flacs are the best quality btw

  28. KCGD says

    You should make a whole series turning Lego island city into a triple A game

  29. FrizzLokeyEpic says

    Ew f° and miles I am utterly disgusted and am now never going to watch a single video from this channel.

  30. Joshua Jefford says

    How do you run lego island from your ssd? Isnt it on CD?

  31. Michel Lörz says

    whats the song playing at 20:50?

  32. Name Name says

    Daa Ta

  33. TMTom _ says

    When are you inserting HD textures into lego island?

  34. Snowka says

    "that one program all ROM hackers are eventually forced to become familiar with" this video got too real too fast 😭😂


    Replace Lego island music with Carmageddon music

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