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How I made a basketball hoop that always goes in


I’ve wondered if it is possible to make a basketball hoop where the ball always goes in. Imagine throwing a ball and if it hits the backboard it somehow gets directed into the hoop. Thanks to physics it isn’t quite possible to make ALL possible shots go in though you can make a hoop where the ball goes in a lot more often. In this video I show how I wrote a program to calculate the optical backboard then machined and fabricated it. It worked out better than I was expected so I’m really happy with it!

These videos usually take 100+ hours of work and a lot of money in tools and materials. I’ve made a patreon if you’re interested in supporting the creation of these projects:

The basketball hoop that donated it’s guts:
I use a 13″ iPad for all my technical drawing:

Books that I’ve read to learn many of the skills used in this project:
Real time collision detection:
Introduction to algorithims:
Planning algorithims:
Computational geometry:

Other tools and things that I think are great:
Wera allen keys 1000x better than el cheapos:
Wera allen keys (english):
The best marker ever. Marks everything. Always in my pocket:
Import spot welder. Cheap bulletproof:
Rivnuts + tool:
Digital angle gauge:
Bench sheet metal brake:
Vise brake (highly recommend):
20 ton press brake:
Cordless angle grinder – this thing will change your life:
Dropped off ladder 20x and still going strong:
Hypertherm powermax 45xp with machine torch:
Hypertherm fine cut consumables (great for sheet metal)

Source: https://blogema.org
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  1. Zerpician says

    Shouldn't math figure this out more easily?

  2. Ndanji Zulu says

    Does anyone know what app he uses on the IPad?

  3. NBA LIVING says

    Super cool!

  4. Chuck Under Fire says

    I’m thinking the nothing but brick board would be as fun as one that makes every shot for you.

  5. III B says

    this is too cool to be on such a small channel
    I wanna lick it but I'm afraid my tongue will stick to it.

  6. Chris Marts says

    It's about time… and I want one

  7. Robert Shurtz says

    you should let dude perfect do trick shots with it !!!

  8. Matthew Kodsi says

    This channel is going to be HUGE

  9. J R says

    How do i contact you?

  10. Denny Wey says

    OMG..You are just AMAZING… You’re realizing the dream of every engineering student

  11. pablo polo says

    No one:


  12. Bolton Ebikes says

    The titan of CNC himself! ?

  13. Bolton Ebikes says

    Your channel is growing like mad. Nice job. Subbed.

  14. Per Targayan says

    This hoop would boost Joakim Noah's morale

  15. R-Man says

    This for women?

  16. archie baldwin says

    What a surprise this guy doesn't look like an athletic Chad.

  17. archie baldwin says

    I can't believe this fck isn't a virgin

  18. Z Hud says

    Monte Carlo is a place in Monaco. It is well known for it's grand casino and Formula 1 races. The algorithm is known to always find the right answer, which is important when you are in a casino, betting everything and the kitchen sink.

  19. goober says

    You did all this in excel right………….?

  20. Mr-Sugar says

    This is the kind of stuff I wish I could do at home.

    Except the coding part, that looks really boring.

  21. Steve The dog says

    I enjoy when you explain things even if half of it goes over my head. Please continue

  22. Kaustubh Tarankanthiwar says

    Paint it with vanta black.. and boom you wont be able to figure out its shape

  23. Somewhere Near says

    This is soo Awesome!!

  24. LazyFree says

    What if you keep missing the backboard

  25. Gabriel C says

    U should have just made a funnel!!! Jkjk


    i can miss this , just throw away from board .

  27. Deitra Ford says


  28. jervlo GT says

    16:29 the table?

  29. Hamza Shams says

    I love your videos !!!

  30. Ahmed Bin Ali says

    No words can describe your skills and smart

  31. Bruh sound effect v2 says

    Me: turns 360 and still gets in ????????

  32. Minej Mosuris says

    His voice is very calming in a way?… Sounds nice… In a non-weird way that is, of course?

  33. Joshua D'lima says

    You gotta do a collab with mark robber

  34. trey salazar says

    I wouldn’t mind if you made a separate video over your calculations and codes for us nerds

  35. flsu_ says

    check out this awesome backboard! you cant miss with it!
    me: misses the backboard, ball goes over the fence and i have to run for it while everyone looks at me and tell me tu hurry up

  36. ARP/Projects says

    Which ipad app did you use to sketch?

  37. Juan Manuel García says

    I read all the comments just to find out the name of the app… it’s called concepts for everyone asking

  38. Edoardo E says

    Oh boy, I wish I had some more money so that I could support you on Patreon, but for now I can only watch the ads. Anyways thumbs up bro, you are like engineering role model ???

  39. Quirky Science says

    If you want to see videos about code that are enjoyable, look at Two minute papers on youtube. (some of the videos show code, some don't)

  40. Mel Castillo says

    Mr. Beast's friend, Chandler, would still miss. ✌️???

  41. Avenir Kolo says

    No one: Shark tank: invest

  42. jFields99 says

    I would love to see a full sized basketball version of this

  43. Scott Cress says

    If I remember my trips to the kids science museum right…. If you put your head where the basket is you should be able to literally hear your wife's eyes rolling when you troll her. Seriously though you'd be able to hear a mouse fart across the room.

  44. Samuel C. Richardson says

    i can barely remember back in the early 90s. there was a toy like basketball hoop for childs (?) that was curved like this to make sure every throw goes in. Doesnt remember the name, but i swear it was existing … maybe not super acurate like this but it was there…

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