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How I beat the hardest game ever made (pogostuck 2)


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This is the sequel to the original pogostuck. It is a part of the Getting Over it with Bennett Foddy game genre and easily the hardest of all – even harder than Jump King. This is my journey of beating the hardest game I’ve ever played.

0:00 The hardest game ever made
4:05 Pogostuck: Rage With Your Friends
7:14 Pogostuck 2
9:32 First 300 meters
15:22 Bees and Teeth
20:20 Putting 1k subs on the line
25:00 The AXE
29:53 Getting to the final section
33:40 Last 2 days
36:37 Double or nothing
41:10 Final FINAL day
44:30 The end?

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  1. Matt Hayes says

    when bees was only a 5 minute part of the vid but it was 20 of the 40+ hours

  2. Kosher Cuck says

    Subscribed because of the determination

  3. Nick Merritt says

    Not saying I’m some purest that watched every second of it live but I don’t think a YouTube video can truly capture what these games are like and the HOURS spent in single areas over and over again live builds to some of the best victories twitch has to offer

  4. Kenny Montoya says


  5. Last Watcher says

    Explains how its Mizkif's idea if he dies, then proceeds to say he had the idea to give 1000 subs

  6. Lol Lol says

    Can I get unbanned In your chat please

  7. IH says

    so this is why i had a free sub lmfao i hadn’t watched lud but came back to a free sub which was peepoPog

  8. Anden0909 says

    26:52 der er ikke mere mælk the danish people will know

  9. Froschobi says

    the chat was going wild ngl

  10. Panda says

    I was there 🙂

  11. Potatoe Reaper says

    The song at 29:35 sounds familiar to me but I can’t seem to figure it out, can anyone help me out?

  12. Smug Morgana says

    He looks and sounds like if syndicate and simian Jimmy were spliced together

  13. CW Mossburg says

    This isn’t even close to the hardest game, geometry dash is infinitely times harder than this once you play online levels

  14. James Swanson says

    What a trooper. He really got good.

  15. Bischoff Sean says

    PLEASE SOMEONE TELL ME THE SONG AT 28:55 ive been looking for it forever

  16. Beshoy says

    Lmao so that’s how I got a gifted sub

  17. Mr. Jakob says

    I have been waiting for this video for soooo long

  18. Shadow79 says

    That isn't the hardest game

  19. JakeyEJ says

    What a great guy Ludwig is. That story was amazing and hilarious!

  20. Austin Barlow says

    Normally love these kind of videos. Have been looking forward to the pogo stick 2 vid for so long but don’t like this narrated style. Would have preferred a highlights vid

  21. chub says

    holy moly

    holy moly

    holy om moly

  22. julion tv says

    what was that anime
    i am a weeb

  23. Soymilk says

    Put enough ads on this one buddy?

  24. Maclean Marsh says

    I don’t see how he didn’t just cry after beating it. Maybe that’s just me being overly emotional over dumb shit but I stg I would start crying and just end the stream

  25. Hewasagoodman says

    Good vid lud

  26. Tajan Munoz says

    Pogostuck is the first video I ever watched from you, and I've been hooked ever sense

  27. Rodney Reid says

    a video about a stream about multiple streams. Yeah that's pretty high on the meta scale

  28. Dude Destiny says

    Anyone else come here from Sam hogan?

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