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How do you build a quantum computer? | Jonathan Home


Even the largest supercomputers can’t do some exceptionally huge tasks — like breaking cryptography or modeling complex weather systems — but someday, quantum computers will. That’s because a quantum computer is able to compute much larger pieces of information, much more quickly. In this sharp talk, Jonathan Home takes us through the process of theoretically building a quantum computer and how to think about the future of computing with (almost) no limits.

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Enjoy this unedited talk by Jonathan Home.
Filmed at TED2015.

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  1. II Goofy Lucy II says

    can we have captions please!

  2. CipherBytes says

    Thank you for pointing out the risks to public encryption. People are in denial. Especially the crypto nazi's who have desperately tried to maintain a stranglehold on all security technology to the extent that they attack and criticize anyone who questions their authority. Often, new discoveries are a product of many failures. Don't be afraid to try and fail, even if the powers that be tell you that "you can't do it, only we can".

  3. VØID says

    This is the 2nd quantum expert I've seen that looks like an alien…..

  4. micky8127 says

    I went to school with Jonathan back in 92. He was always going to go far, good to see someone actually made it:)

  5. thae wish says

    he is my professor
    love him?

  6. chijin kumar says

    If quantum computers are made of atoms,how do they handle them or make physical connection?

  7. Jason Franqui says

    He says atoms but what element are they extracting the atoms from and does it make a difference.

  8. Dan Jakubik says

    Intelligent Excellent lecture.

  9. Mine 3D says


  10. onesky onesea says

    This guy is clearly an reptillian don't have anything against reptils just sayin that he is. Btw reptillians exist in our society but they are not coming out publicly because imagine for a gay guy how difficult it is to come out in our society.

  11. charlie thomas says

    Cooling the neutral and hot wires at the source using freezing….Heat from electrical Impedance in the wires is made almost non existent….You could run as much electrical current Amps through it as you would like; the freezing nodes takes the hot temperature away constantly…..Generators run without a normal drop in idle….Normally switching to low speed at high resistance to reduce impedance….Not when the overall impedance is controlled with very cold methods….That's why cryo is needed……You know what limits the computers from completing instant tasks presently isn't programming lacks….No, we already have all of the programming for everything that you could think of….The problem is impedance runs the generators too hard and heats the wires up; limiting high amperage system velocity….With the frozen system; amperage can run high without the impedance….Small wires can carry heavy load without the results of impedance…..The nodes of all quantum circuitry are controlled with cold…What would normally require many large computer network factories minutes to calculate; can be done instantly….Intelligence for computers requires large memory and high amperage….When amperage doesn't hurt the wallet any more due to freezing circuitry; those computer network factories can use expensive super computing to provide instant acrobatics….Nearly every large data base in the world could greatly multiply the amount of programs that they solve problems with and the amperage use; without power supply costs rocketing or modems burning up………Deep space temperatures resemble their more cold entangled field neighbors…..Those cold temperatures are what cools the universe that we live in's local matter impedance factors…..Our neighboring space is what modulates the nodes of Earth (atoms)…The quantum mechanical world works the same way…Quantum computing is just cooling the atom astronomically….cJT

  12. Static Noice says

    Stop saying fucking “1st” it’s a TED talk not a pewdiepie video

  13. rab rab says


  14. Guero x4209 says


  15. Gerhard Pernold says


  16. mk17173n says


  17. Anonymous One says


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