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How China Corrupted the World Health Organization's Response to COVID-19


By putting out questionable guidance and whitewashing the Chinese government’s handling of the crisis, the WHO destroyed much of its credibility, damaged the field of public health, and failed to contain the pandemic.

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President Donald Trump, who put a hold on WHO funding yesterday, isn’t absolved of his own failures in confronting COVID-19. But there’s no doubt that the WHO’s response destroyed much of its credibility, damaged the field of public health, and failed to contain the pandemic.

The WHO’s actions in response to COVID-19, in part, stemmed from its overly deferential stance towards China, which is its second-biggest financial contributor among 194 member states.

“A phenomenal collective action by the people of China to this response” is how Bruce Aylward, head of the joint WHO-China mission, described China’s handling of the outbreak on February 25, 2020, a day after WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus praised China’s “rapid response,” which he claimed “changed the course of this epidemic.”

The WHO also praised China for releasing the virus’s genome while neglecting to mention that it took them at least 17 days to do so. It didn’t report human-to-human transmission until late January—even though Chinese doctors suspected it at least a month earlier. Although the extreme lockdown of Wuhan likely saved thousands of lives, WHO scientists weren’t allowed into Wuhan until 3 weeks after the outbreak first came to light, leaving open many questions about measures the government took in the interim. Meanwhile, the WHO praised the country for its supposed openness.

“China took action at the epicenter, and that helped prevent the spread to other provinces and the rest of the world,” Ghebreyesus said on February 15. 

“As China has shown, this does not need to be a pandemic if we take action,” WHO Executive Director Michael Ryan said on February 28. 

As the virus continued spreading across Europe and reached America, the WHO recommended “no interference with international travel.”

One country that ignored this advice was Taiwan, which also warned the WHO that it suspected that the virus was spreading through human-to-human transmission, yet was ignored. Taiwan, which has one of the lowest rates of known COVID-19 infections per capita, was prevented from joining the WHO as a member country in 2015 by China, which refuses to acknowledge Taiwan’s independence.

In late March, World Health Organization epidemiologist Bruce Aylward declined to answer a Hong Kong reporter’s question about Taiwan—or even acknowledge its existence.

As Taiwan was distributing face masks to its citizens, the WHO was advising the rest of the world that they were unnecessary—and initially, the Centers for Disease Control and U.S. Surgeon General followed its lead.

But health experts pointed to mounting evidence that masks can help slow the spread of respiratory disease, especially among asymptomatic carriers, a population that the WHO maintains is virtually nonexistent despite mounting evidence to the contrary.

In mid-February, the WHO trumpeted good news from  China, claiming confirmed and suspected cases of COVID-19 had declined, ignoring evidence that it may have been a statistical anomaly. U.S. intelligence, meanwhile, believes that China has entirely misrepresented both case numbers and death tolls, according to Bloomberg News.

Finally on March 11, after Italy was already in full national lockdown with more than 10,000 cases, the WHO finally acknowledged the true magnitude of the crisis, declaring a global pandemic.

As the death toll climbs above 100,000, the global economy remains in crisis, and billions of lives are disrupted, it’s important to remember that if the World Health Organization had done its job, the nightmare we’re living through might not have happened at all.

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  1. bargoota bargoota says

    O stop you are controlled opposition..there is no dangerous virus

  2. Tuan Nguyen says

    what a lie, "by now, more case outside of china than inside china", what about at the begining if they stop them travel, by now it will be less case than inside china. you should Resign and go home do cooking. i mean now

  3. Daniel Borges says

    These people should be charged with manslaughter and that’s being nice

  4. Mark Biscotto says

    Bruce Aylward & Tedros Adhanom ought to be charged with conspiracy to mass murder by ICC for each COVID death outside of china. Aylward's handling of the Ms. Tong's interview was obscene.

  5. Iammyownchoice Presidentof says

    Ye the serpant of synagogue of satan ye father.

  6. prozac1127 says

    Holy shit. CCP is a curse

  7. prozac1127 says

    I feel like injecting 1000 litres of Kung Flu into Tedros

  8. Игорь Пашев says

    Masks don't work and never did https://t.co/OVJ6zFvsL5

  9. S Kumar says

    could this be a part of depopulation agenda, first by the virus and next by the ?vaccine.

  10. S Kumar says

    See his face is twitching at 3:01 , it indicates he has heard her question and probably afraid to answer.

  11. S Kumar says

    should take responsibility for this human death toll, suffering and downfall of the economy.

    , So WHO is a CORRUPT body. WHO. NATO UN are controlled by Illuminati



  12. Luis Ernesto Morales Cordova says

    finaly now i undestand

  13. Jake says

    Imagine being pro-China and disliking this

  14. 2028 JC says

    Youtube is CCP controlled.
    WHO too.

    You can delete all anti CCP comments I posted but you can't delete the truth….
    CCP is evil. God will destroy CCP and YT.
    NO one win against God.
    If YT is used by evil, God can raise another platform to replace YT.

  15. Boyoung Kim says

    I'll be missing Dr Lee Jong-Wook 6th Director-General of the WHO He is Vaccine Czar and Man of the Action

  16. Hello David says

    WHO is too corrupt – international organizations are too corrupt

  17. Ali Wakanda says

    If Trump thinks that blaming China for everything including the horrendous number of cases in the US is gonna shift the blame from him, then he’s terribly wrong.

  18. Steve Bon says

    As for the WHO everyone that took part in their decisions making needs to be impeached in a criminal investigation. Because you cannot trust the European Union taking action on a sister department.

  19. Alex Lin says

    That is all you need to know about the W.H.O. It is one the biggest corrupt organization of mankind and the world criminal as well.

  20. Allen Peng says

    Why don't u think the reason that WHO praised China because China did good job?

  21. keep itsteel says

    The western world hold the only people even remotely capable of running a transparent and fair institution and even then they fail regularly, but doing the right thing 40% of the time is better than doing it 1%. So fuck China, and fuck the WHO lol

  22. r stvanman says

    Looks like we are blaming someone else for our lack of performance. The commander and chief is responsible for how he acts to the information given to him. He made the wrong choice. Man up and take responsibility for your actions. Putting the blame on someone else when you are in charge is weak and childish.

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