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Hong Kong Food & Market HD


www.cliptravelworld.eu presents : Hong Kong Food & Market HD by KIM
Mong Kok, North Point Market, Outlet Center,Tsim Sha Tsui …

Music : Mix with Magix Song by Kim

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  1. xanh01 says

    Dim Sum in HK is the best.

  2. natswing says

    How is chinese people eating dog racist?

  3. nicoleh1010 says

    you are so racist… it's just like me saying "i'd love to visit canada, but sorry i don't like eating black pudding"… and i'm guessing since you're so ignorant you wouldn't know what it is. So i'll tell you here. It's pig, cattle and sheep blood made into pudding. dog meat and cow meat are basically same same. so we eat meat. but you eat solid blood.

  4. Holion wei says

    for your information it is illegal to eat dog meat in mainland too

  5. Trinity L says

    There is no dog meats in this video. It is illegal to eat dogs in HK. However, it is different once you cross the border between HK and inland China

  6. natswing says

    Nice video but No thank you. I don't eat dog.

  7. douga says

    HI! I UPLOADED A VIDEO CLIP:"2006年8月のマカオ macau city view in AUGUST 2006".

  8. Fawk Yu says

    Forget morality and society, the only thing you need to worry about right now is learning English!

  9. spaaggetii Man says

    Wow upset much? these kids these days. No care about anything but themselves. The language and attitude of them makes you wonder why the earth is destroying all those on it. These kids need a good smack on the backside, Oh wait can't do that, thats wrong! Ok we can just let them run amuck and do whatever they want….. Is that not immoral? Teaching the kids how they should behave?. stupid society falling in on itself.

  10. Fawk Yu says

    No, i meant 7:26. If u can't see it, idk what's wrong with ur eyes…

  11. spaaggetii Man says

    don't you mean 7:15 ?

  12. Fawk Yu says

    7:26… Asian milf cleavage!

  13. bsc1959 says

    Very nice video..thanks.!!

  14. Dave Mcread says

    i wish i wuz der

  15. joshjazant3 says

    And me too.

  16. joshjazant3 says

    And me ….

  17. joshjazant3 says

    i eat here everyday.

  18. mininjahwaiyah says


  19. Mi Goreng Indo says


  20. atomrocketman says

    elevator music forever

  21. Beesh says


  22. Sporky says

    hope you have a good trip im hoping to go in a few months also!

  23. Paris69 says

    ahh asian food

  24. ilovejapan234 says

    can't wait to go to hk 😀 going in 2 weeks 😀

  25. ilovejapan234 says

    how could you say that? D: have you even been there?

  26. Alan W says

    Causeway Bay too

  27. 19brandon66 says

    Great video! Thanks for not making us seasick with fast panning all over the place. Looks great!

  28. Onat Mansur says

    @Hitty1967 haha that's funny, football is the main reason I wouldn't leave england! New York, Tokyo or Hong Kong would be places I'd live if it weren't for football.

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