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Highest Goal Scorers in Soccer History (1919-2019)


This visualization shows the highest goal scorers in Soccer history, between the years 1919 and 2019. Data from The Rec.Sport.Soccer Statistics Foundation (RSSSF).

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Players in this video:

Josef Bican (AUT)
Romário (BRA)
Pelé (BRA)
Ferenc Puskás (HUN)
Gerd Müller (GER)
Cristiano Ronaldo (POR)
Lionel Messi (ARG)
Ferenc Deák (HUN)
Uwe Seeler (GER)
Arthur Friedenreich (BRA)
Ernst Willimowski (POL)
Eusébio (POR)
Jimmy McGrory (ESC)
Franz Binder (AUT)
Fernando Peyroteo (AGO)
Hugo Sánchez (MEX)
Fritz Walter (GER)
Zlatan Ibrahimović (SWE)
Zico (BRA)
József Takács (HUN)
Gyula Zsengellér (HUN)
Alfredo Di Stéfano (ARG)
Hans Krankl (AUT)
Gunnar Nordahl (SWE)
Roberto Dinamite (BRA)
Jimmy Greaves (UK)
Ferenc Bene (HUN)
Luis Suarez (URU)
David Villa (ESP)
Robert Lewandowski (POL)
Samuel Eto’o (CMR)
Klaas-Jan Huntelaar (NLD)
Edinson Cavani (URU)
Sergio Agüero (ARG)

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  1. Global Stats says

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  2. Jan Satra says

    Bican is a Czech player, not Austrian

  3. Pedro piloto says

    Pelé makes 1000 goals, not 761

  4. Speedcell says

    I like how this doesn't count Pele's goals from primary school lmao

  5. TechWave says

    How was Lewandowski playing at 9. FAKE. No re search done at all. You know that when Soccer is in the title

  6. Wetterleugner says

    What a nice name of the Brazilian Arthur Friedenreich…

  7. Con Sampisius says

    Who is Bican lol

  8. Imliry Jamir yim says

    Pele cross thousand, this is bullshit

  9. Valentina Angueira says

    jajaj y el kun se hiso stremer

  10. shivam kumar says

    I think that Sunil chetri should be at no 2

  11. dalsifilms says


  12. Sohel Mondal says

    Cristiano Ronaldo is better than Messi ??????????

  13. Sohel Mondal says

    Cristiano Ronaldo will win the golden shoe 2020 ??????????

  14. Muhammad anwar Abdul rahman says

    Where is Ronaldo fenomeno..

  15. Raptora and Banana 398 says

    Messi is the best
    Ronaldi is rubbish

  16. Ivan Munashe Zemba says

    This list is not wrong “just insane”

  17. MENO says

    Pele scored over 1300 goals what is that worng video

  18. Arsenal editor says

    Are you fucking kiding me?? Bican Czech Republic

  19. dalsifilms says

    Always in all the comparision Suarez so close to Messi and Ronaldo, maybe he is a fantastic players? For the haters 😉

  20. Timo Maca–Macri says

    Pelé Shorts more then 1000 goals

  21. Abd Gasn says

    But theres a leuge who have just 8 teams

  22. saad commentary says

    Great and informative channel


    Pelé and Romário scored over 1000 goals. It's wrong!

  24. Maz says

    Fernando Peyroteo was Born in Angola, but play for Portugal. Sporting CP and Portugal Legend

  25. Karezza Kenosis says

    Football ⚽

  26. The JH says

    Whom do you predict of crossing 800 goals in 2022?

  27. islam الإسلام says

    And Raul crespo ……

  28. Rodrigo Rosseto says

    Pelé have 1000 goal !

  29. A.H.F.C HD says


  30. BuckBack says

    That is so inaccurate. Messi scored 91 goals in 2012 not 40

  31. Javed Tareq says

    Lewandowski didn’t even go professional in 1997

  32. igor arendt says

    Pelé 1000 goals

  33. 我爱中国人ジェイソン杰森 says

    What is soccer?

  34. Chefran says

    Romario retires 2009, no 2007

  35. Chefran says


  36. Chefran says

    Wow amazing Lewandowski 100 goals with 14 yo!! ?????

  37. Gabriel says

    O mundo estava em equilíbrio até aparecer um tal de cristiano ronaldo e messi

  38. Madified7 says


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