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Hellcat vs Z06 Corvette – drag racing


Dodge Challenger Hellcat vs Corvette z06 ,Corvette z06 vs Audi RS6 and more,top speed,acceleration and drag racing.

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  1. Dean Galloway says

    Too bad there were no Demons around to race those Vettes

  2. Adam a says

    Vette is faster but the challenger is better looking i would go with the challenger !

  3. Howabouthetruth says

    That is one quick little red Corvette.

  4. Josh Cogdill says

    That hell cat thought he want some of that zo6

  5. Leonardo Benitez says

    Se pasan de verga los pinches carrillos viejos…hasta una combi le gana a esos carros pedorros

  6. Tony Martinez says

    My rocket powered bicycle is faster than any of these cars

  7. ÅmårïłłøKïndåCøøł says


  8. Julian Irvine says

    I saw a red corvette, like that, pass me on the freeway yesterday and it was awsome!

  9. Effortless says

    Nobody beating the z06 lol come on

  10. studio7 says

    Merc and Honda destroyed by the Corvette..that figures.

  11. marioarchibold11 says

    That Corvette was a killer with out a machine gun!! ?

  12. Dave Iauco says

    Why some jackass would waste his time & money making a capable road course car (the vette) beat pos dodges in a straight line is beyond me. Shit, a bone stock mid 90’s corvette will beat a deamon hands down on any track with a turn on it. Smh

  13. Christian Ruiz says

    All ik is that demon aint launch right

  14. Junkman2000 says

    Damn, Corvettes were representin'. ?

  15. Acu Robbie says

    Vette over fat ass derge any time.

  16. Roger Smith says

    Corvette, the poor mans supercar

  17. Harley Likes Magic says

    Cue Hellcat excuse-makers in 3, 2, 1…

  18. Steven Fileccia says

    Surprised the dodge still had all it's cheap ass parts still on after runs.

  19. shamsunnaher sheuly says
  20. mike green says

    I wish da Civic would've came a lot stronger wit some serious 90s upgrades.

  21. brizzy2121 says

    I just sold my Vette. The only Vette driver under 35 to only use it in eco mode. I wasn't worthy of the power it had.

  22. D. F. says

    I think my Gramma was driving that Benz.

  23. devastator226 says

    Chevy kills dodge again lol

  24. DJ Kend says

    Toyota: hold my beer…
    Toyota supra wins somethimes even with nissan GTR

  25. northern nightmare says

    They race with these cute little toys, my bugatti chiron would smoke both of them i hit about 200mph on a drag strip.

  26. Korey Avery says

    Stupid wheels for racing

  27. XRavor_GodX says

    Corvette v12 Hellcat v8

  28. Kevin Cash says

    Not sure but was that a grand national or a regal or wrong on both?? Couldn't tell

  29. Kevin Cash says

    Zo6 whould win anyway

  30. Vincent Valentine says

    These lame ass boys ain’t got nothing on 405

  31. Justin Overholtzer says

    That car at the end could have been sponsored by toys r us

  32. Anthony Pasquale says

    The American boat VS old retired guy

  33. Sports Man says

    How will it do against that m8

  34. FitTruckingGamer says

    Why was that hooptie racing a corvette at the end? It was the equivalent of watching a pitbull fight a yorkie.

  35. FCA1975 says

    All of these beautiful machines, and someone shows up in mismatched Honda Civic. How typical. LOL

  36. rldabomb3 says

    damn that audi did better than i expected

  37. Cristian Estrada says

    Drag racing: the most boring, least applicable form of racing on the planet.

    Ofc it's an American thing smh

  38. Cross Brantley says

    Lot of these was not fair lmso fun to watch

  39. 72catboy says

    Hellcat does an 11.67???? Then a 12??? Should be in the 10s if it's a red eye. ?‍♂️

  40. Fleepers 2053 says

    That chevy is a beast

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