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Heart of a Lio: The amazing animated short film by Gatorade



When Leo Messi has a dream to chase, nothing can stop him. Here’s Heart of a Lio, the amazing animated short film by Gatorade Enjoy it!

Cuando Messi tiene un sueño, nada puede detenerlo.
Disfruta del corto de Gatorade sobre Leo

Quan Messi té un somni, res el pot aturar.
Gaudeix del curtmetratge de Gatorade sobre Leo

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  1. FC Barcelona says
  2. jean jalo says

    Who’s here after devastating 8-2 defeat against bayern

  3. Nurul Aziz Shashoto says

    Till this date, there is a report of around 17k losers who have watched this masterpiece.

  4. Gilang Satya Nugraha says

    Ahahha 8-2

  5. AZIZ KEFI says

    messi king

  6. Skl Saturn says

    8 a 2

  7. Mr Gaming wk says


  8. XC_BLADER says

    Date: Friday August 14, 2020
    We may have lost badly today 2-8 against Bayern Munich but when u have a dream to chase nothing can stop you!

  9. Arista Flores Carlos Manuel says

    Vs Bayern 8_2❤️😔😭

  10. G G says

    OMG, Messi what a player. Did you see him against Bayern? His team lost 2-8 but he was amazing. Always shows up in the big nights!
    Dios Mío, Messi qué jugador. Le visteis contra el Bayern? Su equipo perdió 2-8 pero él estuvo increíble. Siempre aparece en las grandes noches!

  11. ALIH played says

    Who is after 2:8???

  12. Marcelle Picado says


  13. Kamrun Nahar says

    World worst player ever

  14. Mateja Igrutinović says

    This looks like fortnite

  15. Khawar Sultana says

    Love u Barcelona

  16. Mohammed Muzammil says

    Al malayali

  17. Muhammadamin Yusupov says

    Mesi tursi

  18. AK's xperiments says

    Heart touching

  19. Luka Nesic-Best moves and skills PHOTO & VIDEO!! says

    If anyone wants, they can watch my seven videos. One of them is a guest appearance on national television (in Serbian). Quarantine training, club training and competition. If anyone wants, they can follow me and Like the videos. One video was taken from a series of photos before and during the match. Thank you. I hope there aren't many mistakes I write via google translate 🙂

  20. Jay Mak's says

    Next generation will never believe in this video…

    We are lucky enough that we r born in his era😍

  21. Jonathan leroux says

    Lionel Lionel goals


    that is jast stupid

  23. Jacob Tsang says

    0:31 the real plan: stop giving away idiotic fouls

  24. ihthi sham says

    കേരള മെസ്സി ഫാൻസ്‌ എവിടെ 💯❤️

  25. SYBLACK says

    هل هنا عرب

  26. Haykal Pratama says

    Yishsvsbzgxhxxcdhsfz ijndhjjjdjnsnggg

  27. Haykal Pratama says

    Fdjjsksgskgsksgjsgsdjdshshbssyebskiswosxvx bfjxj nzvzejze s.. Dks

  28. Shahnaz Aletheia says

    Wow i like this🤩

  29. Yuusuf Ilkacase says

    Yusuf ilkacase

  30. Su says

    Love ♥

  31. Burritos For sale says

    I love watching this vid I always watch it when I got to bed

  32. Enriqve14 says

    A 17.583 penaldo lovers les ardió la historia jajaja.

  33. Lucky VF says

    Messi is Messi ❤

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