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  1. Absolutely beautiful home! Can I say I am a bit jelly and it looks like many others are too with their negativity in the comment section. Almost as negative as that host lol.
    But seriously I have been wanting to build an Earthship for many years now. I have started collecting pieces. I have tons of liquor bottles so if you saw my stockpile you'd think I was a drunk. I have been trying to make my old conventional home more sustainable but my goal is to be totally off grid on my homestead. Baby steps but I'll eventually get my freedom.
    #Dreamhouse #Goals

  2. Free labor! is what I keep seeing exclaimed in the comments section. Chill people. They were hosting them on the property and hired experts to teach them (which must be paid) and catering meals no doubt 3 times a day for 8 weeks. If you followed along you would have heard that last part because she then had to take on cooking the meals herself on top of every thing else after the 8 weeks was over. It is actually a common thing to have people pay to learn the skills onsite to build Earthships. They don't have a conventional college course anywhere in it that I am aware of so this is the only way to learn other than books. Nothing beats hands on experience though. I should know. I was a construction crew leader for Habitat for Humanity. I was in charge of leading all the 'free labor' and teaching them new skills. We had volunteers that were there from big companies like John Deere and little country churchs, reformed criminals, university Habitat club, students from the local community college's construction classes, and of course the future homeowners. Our site was always buzzing with enthusiastic people waiting to learn a new skill. Many found the confidence to use their new skills in their own homes. I had one lady volunteer from the Lions Club that was so happy she cried and gave me a hug at the end of the day because I taught her how to lay ceramic tile and laminate flooring. She said she felt blessed to be there because she was wanting to redo her own flooring but was shocked by installation prices. So as someone in the trade I have no problem with them charging the people to participate considering their overhead expenses and the invaluable skills they walked away with.

  3. I feel like the narrator will never do anything that has even just an imaginary possibility of failure, ever in his life. Not the guy i want on my entrepreneurship team…. or any team really

  4. Wow so many haters in the comments. If they get a dehumidifier for each room they can dry out the rooms faster. Would be a good investment. The water they collect can then be recycled for reuse.

  5. So many people here cant think past the words they hear. $2000 goes towards food, shelter, water and paying the experts for their knowledge plus hands on experience. Just like a trade school college.

  6. I feel like the husband is getting most of the credits for being "the dreamer and visioner" while he is actually profiting of his wife and her parents. She works three jobs, looks after the children and works on the buliding site in her free time. Still she feels guilty for not being on the building site the entire time!
    I am sorry but the husband seems a little self-involved, while being portrayed as optimistic, sensible and loving. In reality he is putting huge stress on his wife for his dream, neglecting her worries!

  7. This is just a yuppie version of an earth ship. I like how it's even being shown on a spin off of 'Grand Designs' in the UK where it's about big budget builds. This build is an embarrassment for NZ, I've seen tiny house builds in NZ that have far more credibility.

  8. UGLY. There is absolutely NO reason NOT to apply a usonian or other FLW- mid-century design. to the basic idea of energy conservation and use if such. of these "Earthships".But they ALL default to the hippie-dippy aesthetic of rounded walls, bottle-butts, etc. Even keeping the rounded shapes, a typical New Mexico adobe design would he FAR better than this design…

  9. Earth ships are better carbon footprint in the long run, and lots of innovations that can be taken on by regular house constructors for an environmental benefit, but the model of getting people to pay you 2k to come and build it for you in the guise of, "learning" is as unethical as any regular employment system. They should, at least have a stay for free quoter going into the future, seeing as this property is an air B&B, as that wouldn't "cost" them anything. Very on the nose.

  10. Fascinating!!!!
    Much better than any modern home. What a vision. It is artistic, efficient, gorgeous, environmental ly concious!!!
    It take lots of courage, vision, perseverance, and love to create such a house.
    I would like this house over any expensive modern house.
    Congratulations to your work and that of the community.????????????

  11. People in the comments talking about it being a scam, getting people to pay to learn from trained builders etc while working on the house. The real scam is run by the councils of this country.
    I watch so many things about people in the USA building cob/earthbag/rammed earth houses with earthen floors and pretty much doing as they please, making things up as they go along, coming up with solutions on the fly as they encounter problems or needs – then we have New Zealand where you've got to use "approved" expensive materials and submit your plans in full for approval. You pay a fortune for permits and so forth and then, when you've completed the place at your own expense, the council turns around and says, "hey, that's developed land, you need to pay us x-thousand dollars more per year in rates" – like they bloody provided it. Every last thing the council provides, you pay through the nose for, every last thing you build costs you in time, effort and materials – and then the local government comes along with its grasping money-grubbing hand out and says, "you need to pay us even more."
    You pay higher rates for a nice looking 4-bedroom home than for a small one bedroom home – the more you develop your land the more the council demands in rates – even though they're not providing you with any more services than they did before.
    You pay higher rates for a coastal property – even though the council didn't supply the frigging ocean or the beach (and you already paid a higher price to buy the sought-after coastal property).
    The council slaps a "Rateable Value" on your property based on how much they think your property is worth and charge you rates accordingly. You could do $5000 worth of improvements to your property out of your pocket and end up with a 10-15 thousand dollar increase in RV, sending more money into their pockets. "Funny" how the amount the council thinks your place is worth is related to how much money they want.
    What the video doesn't point out is that councils tend to insist on a "bond" of thousands of dollars up front that they hold onto until you've finished your build, renovation, extension, whatever and don't release it until your place is finished to their satisfaction. Thousands of dollars you could have spent on materials, builders etc at the time of the build, being used by the local council to make themselves richer (it's not like they stick it in a shoebox under the counter until you're done, that money is used for council projects that benefit them in the long run so they're even richer by the time they release the bond back).
    Building anything in this country is an expensive scam that benefits only the local councils. Small wonder local mayors tend to drive around in BMWs and Mercedes.

  12. Earthship with concrete and polystyrene. 'when you look at the budget, it was way cheaper and faster this way' – jees, nothing like sticking to your convictions. Not an earthship, just a fake hippy conning halfwits to build his house for him.

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