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Healthy Hippie Parents. Tommy Ryman – Full Special


Did you enjoy this full special from Tommy Ryman? If you did, then chances are you’ll enjoy our other comedy specials as well, and you can watch them for FREE right now on the Dry Bar Comedy App. The app is free to download and is available on all android and iOS devices.

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  1. Patricia Chamberlain says

    Too funny. Just had me tearing up from laughing. Thank you.
    I wish him much success.

  2. 7esseanime says

    I feel like in a few years there going to add, "Medical Knowledge" as a new class to take in elementary and up. So everyone can be their own doctor. Cuz no one can afford that crap anymore. I've broken an ankle, had a nail through my foot. I just let it heal on its own, stronger than ever.

  3. Jean Martin says


  4. Jennifer Bates says

    Anyone else watch this 6 times yet??? Or just me?? This channel has been amazing during quarantine

  5. Audrey Muzingo says

    I just pictured a Boston Terrier in a bumblebee suit and my head nearly exploded with cuteness.

  6. Crystal Cristina says

    "I'm a head, shoulders, knees and toes guy..I don't really know what a clavicle is?

  7. Jennifer fritts says

    Absolutely in tears laughing

  8. Lodi Wish says

    Good humor ?

  9. Kye Rafferty says

    Stolen joke at 12:20 ish.

  10. Bonnie Ho says

    Lol, as someone that is new age, it's hilarious to hear how it is from the other side. And also interesting to see family dynamics play out. Gratitude to you for your lightwork to bring more amusement and laughter into the world. Gratitude to your mom for her lightwork with activating the rivers. ?

  11. LoveIsTheAnswer says

    I love how his jokes all tied into one another. This is brilliant comedic writing and his timing is perfect! Love finding a new great comedian!

  12. myfamilymatters says

    Oh my gosh. This young man is hilarious. I loved his stories. Thank you Dry Bar Comedy for all of the amazing comedians that you post.

  13. Abc Xyz says

    He’s very funny

  14. Karlene Warner says

    Too funny Tommy ! You definitely should find yourself on Comedy Central!

  15. Phrygian Pear says

    I love how this guy is just enjoying life. Like he loves the simple things. Like when he said he was just making a grilled cheese and having the time of his life. I wish I could have that.

  16. John Pershing says

    Your Dad 4got to give you testosterone! Nice pretty hair u have there. And you have a pretty mouth.

  17. Bethany Bennett says

    This guy is so funny! Great way to end the day! ??

  18. emily faith says

    this is amazing and a god send

  19. Валентина Езерская says

    Wow!! I was going to listen for 10 minutes but ended up listening the whole show. You are great! Thank you for a good laugh! No dirt, just pure humor ?

  20. Simon L says

    His set showcases the art of the running gag.

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