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Healthy Economical Eating 1, Broccoli soup


Practical health education, too many people eat a poor diet, sometimes due to lack of money and food, but often due to lack of nutritional knowledge. These simple ideas, (supported by scientific explanations) will improve individual and community health.

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  1. makerous says

    try adding some chicken stock yum

  2. Clare pover says

    Yes me too. At last!!

  3. Rebecca McClellan says

    Yes, I believe a lot of disease is because people think they are eating well when they eat pricey ingredients, but lots of healthy food are not expensive.

  4. David Williams says

    I'm rather surprised that you recommend using rapeseed oil. I heard that it is less healthy and that it is better to use sunflower oil. Is that incorrect?

  5. deb sarma says

    Good Doctor is also a good cook!!?
    But RED ALERT:☠☠☠
    vitamin k thickens your blood which helps corona virus to create blood clots in you. And death becomes easy. avoid all food which are higher in vitamin k if you are covid positive☠☠☠

  6. Cyp3 says

    Wow, so a food with multipul levels of heat and time makes different nutrients available! Thats smart.

  7. Cyp3 says

    Yep, this guy is one of the best science comunicators ive ever came accross! This was a golden youtube find! i would like to see folk like this get rich on youtube any day rather than the fools they be propping up. This is awesome!

  8. aumpo says

    Love this!!

  9. Natasha S. says

    Made it today – great soup, thank you! Love it!

  10. Jamison H says

    Onions are my favorite vegetable

  11. Natasha S. says

    Oh, dear… is there a woman in da house? Tell her she needs better knives.

  12. Just Forfun9140 says

    Brocolli soup, now I know how to make it after watching this video, I am going to make it, looks easy enough. Did'nt realize how good brocolli is for you. I ate a few pieces of organic raw brocolli, tasted really good. Thanks Doc.

  13. Maila Maila says

    Ur Da Man

  14. Chris Jones says

    Did he use cheap man made salt,

  15. Welsh runner in London says

    John, would you consider adding in fennel?

  16. Saka Ma says

    Please make more of these!! Explaining the healthy components and it being economical is super useful during these times and people have more time on their hands to invest in cooking!!

  17. Justice Boofer says

    Yummy. But soup means salt.

  18. Kristina M says

    I read that only raw onions contain healing properties….

  19. Tony Maries says

    Ah! So now I know why my weekend full English is best fried with rapeseed oil and the meat and onions for a casserole or a curry is best done in olive oil. I have never seen ghee where I live but since there are only a handful of Asian people in a town with just over 10,000 population that is not too surprising.

  20. Bugsy1000 says

    Good one Doc ! On chefs shows they always want something I haven’t bought so I give up. I’ve just cooked this, and it tasted lovely, very impressed with your show. Thanks a lot.

  21. Rob Lovegreen says

    Dr Mercola says onions are high in quercetin and quercetin is a zinc ionophore so it helps get zinc into the cells. This would be helpful for Corona virus to inhibit viral replication

  22. Angela J says

    I use avocado oil for high temp cooking, the smoke point is 500 degrees

  23. Melinda McCulloch says

    I've been watching your coronavirus videos for awhile and noticed on one a comment about your broccoli soup. I decided to look for the video and am so glad I did! I know you are busy with your daily updates but I hope in the future I can do a whole series of these. I'm excited to give it a go and love learning about the benefits of the ingredients while watching you cook.

  24. wytwabit says

    Very nice, Dr. John! That's my kind of cooking…only a few ingredients and cooking simply. Thanks for explaining all those nutritional benefits. I'm going to watch this video again and then share it with my kids. Can't wait to make my own!

  25. Debra A says

    Thank you for all the wonderful nutritional information you supplied along with your cooking. Would love if chefs did this too. Every day we watch Dr. Campbell's COVID-19 updates which we are also grateful for the array of valuable information supplied… and his thoughts on what's happening where and why.

  26. Renzo says

    Is that a Victorinox knife? They are the best!
    What's the difference between prebiotics and probiotics?

  27. Shawn Vines says

    Hi Dr. John, I really like your channel and enjoy how informative you are. I know this video is a year old but I found this recipe interesting. I found out I had diabetes last year and through diet and Metformin I've been able to drop my A1C number from 10 to 5.6 within the past nine months. I saw your remarks about Vitamin D and I have also seen studies of COVID-19 patients that indicate that patients with diabetes have better outcomes when their blood sugar is tightly controlled. So I'm going to try a low-carb version of this recipe, it seems very close anyway. I'll let you know how it goes.

  28. Only Rain says

    please do more like these. Incredibly helpful, thanks.

  29. ELIAKIM Joseph Sophia says

    I really like Broccoli and Stilton soup. It has been on the menu in the last week and will be tomorrow. Although I also put other ingredients into mine for extra health benefits. Oil wise I've been using healthy oil for the last year a lot more than olive oil, due to the palm oil in healthy oil.

  30. ATKO says

    Great idea.  I went out last night purchased a load of similar ingredients and substituted the cheese for Turmeric/Chili and hey presto a great batch of soup was born.

  31. _cap_marvelous says

    Hello, i made this soup today and it was delicious! Great video??

  32. Dawn Piper says

    Broccoli is the only veg my seven years old grandson will have. That soup looked great

  33. S Anderson says

    Steep the broccoli in salt water and weight down the lid to get rid of bugs and creepy crawlies. Use butter instead of oil for taste. Use chicken stock instead of water. Add a Knorr stock cube. The Stilton is genius!

  34. m d says

    An Irish nurse friend of mine pares all the nutritional attributes of broccoli into one pithy phrase …

    Nature's broom

  35. Pernille Rustand says

    Why on earth do you heat up extra virgin olive oil? You lost me there, it's not for heating.

  36. Catherine Crow says

    That turned out wonderfully!

  37. Paula Van den Broeck says

    Can't wait to taste this. It's bubbling away on my stove as I type! Smells delicious.
    … I wouldn't be surprised if the good Dr. knows how to grow this wonderful veg. too.

  38. Edar Rogler says

    Good morning from Washington DC! Yummy! I have all these ingredients and will try it this afternoon!

  39. siriusorion says

    Thanks for the recipe 🙂 I tried this tonight and everyone in the family loved it! PS: refrigerate the onion before use, and wear goggles helps keep your eyes from stinging

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