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More healthy recipes! I heard you loud and clear. This time on Basics, I’m taking a look at the very popular, very versatile cauliflower.


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  1. So you guys mighta noticed that I renamed this episode "Healthier Versions of Unhealthy Foods" – I wanted to make it clearer that these aren't diet foods or things you should necessarily eat every day, they're lower-calorie, lower-carb, higher-fiber versions of unhealthy foods. They're still very high in fat, so there's a trade-off, but they hopefully give you guys ideas of how to scratch the junk-food-itch when you're trying to eat well!

  2. Babish what is the editing software you use because soon I’m getting my first laptop and I want to edit on the laptop and I like how you edit your videos?.

  3. would love to see how broccoli brownies come out, trying to get my husband to eat veggies with out tasting them, i swear he's got over sensitive taste buds or something, anything even slightly bitter he wont touch

  4. Babish I love your recipes! I notice you use a lot of plastic wrap and paper towels when you cook, have you looked into more eco-friendly alternatives to these? 🙂

  5. As someone with mutant level high metabolism I'm kinda glad I don't have to eat this stuff now. I'm just not a cauliflower person. (though, I'm not a picky eater, either) My metabolism gives me a "healing factor" that balances out when my eczema makes my skin rice paper thin. This combo overclocks my body and pushes me /under/ the bmi scale o.o In another universe I would've been a speedster 🙁

  6. The only reason low carb diets should be an option is if you hate exercise. If you are exercising, like everyone should, then you will need carbs for your body to use as fuel. I find that I lose most weight when I do resistance training (lifting weights) paired with a high carb, high protein, and low fat diet. But I am also an 18 year old male with screaming hormones, so that may come into play.

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