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Head Chef Cries When He Tastes Gordon's Food | Hotel Hell


Gordon’s food brings the chef to tears. It must be good.

Gordon Ramsay Ultimate Fit Food:
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  1. William Larsson says

    the first chef from kitchen nightmare I actually like

  2. Living Failure says

    He's the anime main character that inspires everyone

  3. Gastón Miceli says

    Chef: eats food
    Gordon: why are you crying?

  4. Jean Luo says

    im the kind of person who feels bad for the dude "eddie" when theyre saying their problems

  5. Prince Umali says

    Gordon changed this man’s life by just using salt and pepper

  6. Vicente Rodriguez says

    sometimes I make a sand which and think how good it tastes and then how Gordon would look at me like I’m a nasty thing

  7. Hod Gavriel says

    Crying at 4:20

  8. Traven Ng says

    I really hope they are doing well now

  9. LionsBe Tryin says

    The oldest simp known to man.

  10. TIME TO REVIVE Fast Food says

    Rumor has it the food had alot of onions

  11. TIME TO REVIVE Fast Food says

    I would cry to

  12. Mordred says

    90% of these comments are about Brian crying

  13. JoiFernz says

    If Gordon give me a bottle of water, I'll probably cry too

  14. SimicFishCrab says


    That "are you ok Bryan?" was definitely dubbed over

  15. Wattson says

    Gordon's way of saying 'Are you okay Brian?' is really soft and warming. Shows what a caring chef he is.

  16. Vasili Syrakis says

    Gordon is the best <3

  17. Cristopher Ticas Rivera says

    And they say that food wars overreacts food

  18. Jthebosss123 says

    The chef is such a wholesome guy….
    Edit. Brian

  19. TD Hanamiya says

    Love it when we see chefs who actually cared from the start instead of a chef who is delusional and bad

  20. Opamigaaa says

    that chef is 100% back being miserable in some resturant.

  21. Roham Jan says

    To be honest I would cry too if I tasted Gordon’s food

  22. Morgan Baldwin says

    The chef seems a nice guy under too much pressure

  23. แสงศักดิ์ วงษ์อ่อน says


  24. Cathay3520 says

    Chef: Crying

    Gordon: Why are you crying

    Chef: Because there are too many comments of this meme

  25. Emalee June says

    He didn’t wanna say the HE was the most important so he just said that she was instead. What a dink

  26. Raz G says

    Oh dude this is some heart warming stuff.

  27. Rainbow Panda says says

    Is the same guy that passed out when he was being chewed out by Gordon… Jesus this guy really needed help.

  28. mike lanza says

    Gordon Ramsay is amazing!!!!!!??????

  29. OldTimeGamerChannel says

    UK show: Normal scenes, no music "Yo, bollocks, fuck off"

  30. Mover & Cary says

    thank you for hearthwarming content , sometimes its better then watching extreme drama 🙂

  31. C. B. Alan says

    Wait, Gordon's food is delicious?
    It always was.

  32. Boyo says

    Fuck you bryan

  33. 小さなANIMATION says

    I didnt know the food was that good

  34. Legacy says

    Wait wait wait is it Chef or Cheif? Oh wait chef lol. And Gordon Ramsay Your Food IS DELICIOUS! I tasted it once

  35. Island Cave says

    Have at least 1 chair per guest in each room, gotcha!

  36. Tony D says

    you know you're running a trash business when you want to run away from your guests

  37. Freshie04 says

    Sandra is quite a stupid fuck it seems, by the way she talks.

  38. Xavier Ducharme says

    to bad this place went to shit after gordon left. i would have loved to have stayed there

  39. Anubis deez nuts says


  40. Memo says

    You can see Gordon not being weird or yelling at him in this cause he wants to inspire him to be a more passionate chef

  41. PPG SQUAD says

    Lady: ya I was the only one to sit down husband smiles vigorously *vietnam flashbacks *

  42. Lycan Thrope says

    I am a trained chef, I worked for a few years as one I dont anymore cause it were killing me, But that man being broken yeah I can relate, the last resturant I worked in insulted me and dimihished me cause I dont have a proper ched education I lam trained as an apprintence my education is still the same and I learnt by doing. but acording to the owner at that place I were not as good as the other chefs who had a degree even tho technically I did aswell just not the same one. the way they cooked food and servedn it were terrible and honestly the kitchen were disgusting. I came to hate working there quickly. I am a good chef I love cooking and I can do it well but god damn that place it killed it for me to the point where I just dont want to work as a chef anymore.

  43. Devils Advocate says

    The human whisperer; he can legit just control a room with words.

  44. Gorilla Gaming says

    Meeting not Keeting

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