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He Did This During His Soccer Game..My Heart Melted


He Did This During His Soccer Game..My Heart Melted

Hello! Today we are going to be looking the most beautiful and wholesome siblings moments that show the true love between brothers and sister. I hope that this video will brighten your day and put a smile on your face. Thank you for watching!

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  1. ZORRO says

    I hope you all enjoyed the video ?
    If you enjoyed the video please give it a Like ? It would mean a lot to me ❤
    And subscribe if you wanna see my future video ? Thank you for watching!

  2. 2B German says

    I am crying. Is it just me or does the music make it 10 times sadder???

  3. Shimmi Ali says


  4. Shubham Arya says

    The PS4 one was ??

  5. ZELDA Zelda Abigail Kazama Pagaruyung says


  6. Emily Childs says

    why did the guy in the begining kiss is BROTHER on the LIPS?!

  7. Grace King says

    It's so nice to see brothers and sisters getting along, it seems to be so unusual now.

  8. Pintip Ngamjanyaporn says

    That kid is talented at cooking

  9. Alan Zackrone says

    I am a only child, my mother died when I was 18 months old and my father died when I was 14 so I have bein on my own for a long time. This video really made me cry and realize the amount of love I have missed out on and why I want to put a bullet through my head

  10. Tumrok Ghana says

    OMG the brothers are so cute.

  11. ԀOɹpԀIɹp ԀOɹpԀIɹp says

    The kids got me

  12. Ms.Forggoten TM says

    When the younger ones need help the older ones are always be there
    Me and my brother:BROTHER I GOT 1K SUBS!
    Me;*whispers*:simp xD

  13. Itz me yoseph says

    0:47 why would brothers kiss eachother on the lips

  14. briar patch says

    I have 2 brothers and 3 sisters I haven't seen in years. These legit made me cry.

  15. Orion Anguiano says

    Is it just me or when someone reunites with a military family member, you also start crying

  16. Team Wolfz79 says

    I’m crying in tears watching this

    Edit: now bursting in tears! My heart is melting! This is so sweet!

  17. Jessica says

    I wish I could have nicer brothers…
    But at least they try…

  18. Icia TS says

    I feel so lonely lol

  19. Jibon Das says

    I don't have any brothers ?????

  20. Anneruth Camposano says

    I just loved my siblings.❤️.. But I lost it after finishing the vid.

  21. Sharon Raphael says

    4:28 speechless moment ?

  22. rblibit says

    Thank you for taking the time to show us what we don't always get a chance to see in any real volume, but we know exists around us each and every day. In spite of who runs this world, goodness in the way of kindness, love, compassion and true heart-felt empathy (which you bring us all the time) will ALWAYS exceed the negative acts we know are happening. It may seem like the dark, evil things we see are increasing in numbers, but it is not true. They are simply being brought out into the LIGHT where we can act to bring them to an end. And don't let anyone tell you that all of the evil we see is simply human nature. It most certainly is NOT. For it was not humanity that was damaged. It was those we knew as The Fallen Ones. And YES, they are still here pitting us against each other every chance and way they can. FIGHT IT – Use your Heart to spread love and kindness, and do not be afraid to denounce acts of violence and hatred that cause fear. I promise you that you are ALL far more powerful than you can know right now. Thank you, Zorro!

  23. Cozy Jo says

    Mr. Zorro you always made my day batter I am so thankful to you

  24. Everlinda Valencia says

    I wish my siblings remember me

  25. linda darnell kozak says

    children are the treasure of the world

  26. linda darnell kozak says

    yes the children of service men and women who serve in the military, the children are sacrificing just like their parents

  27. The weird kid says

    People who thumbs down is dumb

  28. TheKnight OfDoom says

    I lost my brother 27 years ago (he drowned) and those videos with all the siblings made me cry for him for the first time in years. Love your siblings people.

  29. sushma sushma says

    Baby cooking for baby

  30. I'm BELLA says

    I wish my younger brother is like that Sweet and loving. Mine is evil he always get mad and im the older we're not even close because of his attitude whenever we cross paths in our house we wouldn't talk unless we asked somthing. sometimes we dont even answer but mostly he won't answerhe is sometimes a piece of shit but still he is my brother and i love him and i know that whenever im faraway from home(cause of school) he asked for me but whenever im home we fight like tom and jerry so it's better to not be home to avoid noise. But now it's quarantine and im stuck with my freak brother.

  31. 90s Flav says


  32. Brothers of Random says

    That’s actually in my country
    Indonesia ??

  33. Marques says

    Comment. Just typing this and liking your videos because they're all great and you deserve more subs and everything else that comes with it.

  34. Melvin Wamelda says

    i love it

  35. AKLEEMA WAJID says

    Augh my heart
    I'm heartless now,because my heart melted,this is justs o beautiful I'm crying??

  36. Imran Hassan says

    no i dont..

  37. Christensen Jordan YM says

    I CRIED…

  38. Moses Shaam says

    Oh my god the older brother cooking food for his younger brother melted my heart

  39. SabrZ says

    I wish I had a little brother/sister

    Because my older brother is annoying af

  40. Meta Kumer says

    Really! You are showing us how beautiful is our world with such people arround. Thanks!

  41. Aadithya Gayathri says

    Thank you n love you zorro ?

  42. Yoda I am says

    The brother surprising his sister looked like the "waassupp commercial"

  43. Frog Less says

    The last one was so funny???

  44. KayMG says


  45. Surabhi Maheshwari says

    Reminds me my childhood days with my siblings

  46. nate1509 says

    Like I said this is like free therapy for the mind body and soul, Thank You Zorro, This was a major league home run and then some,

  47. Torgo Nudho says

    A future chef ! and an awesome big brother !

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