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HARDEST Basketball Workout I've Done YET !


Go watch this kayak vid with me and Cass !

Please stay tuned for a new park vid soon!
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  1. D'Vontay Friga says

    New kayak vid on the second channel! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vlbnBMbYAoI&t=9s

  2. The Incompetent Investor says

    This dude gonna try play professional somewhere? Could easily go Europe, or even Australia.

  3. Big 1400 says

    Kyle playin ball now too

  4. Kelvin Heard says

    That’s a dope workout

  5. gabriel ortiz says

    yo play Dpaul he can hoop hoop

  6. Will912 says

    Good workout ??

  7. Dean R says

    You need to go back out to LA or a big city

  8. A M says

    Please post more vids like this ✊

  9. Solo The man says

    Connor has such a tight handle

  10. Raymond Roche says

    I just did this workout (dribbling portion) in my garage and the change of pace really is elite ??

  11. Jonathon Pearson says

    Bro keep getting better every day. Love your vids✊?

  12. Twan Burger says

    Y’all made out after.

  13. Logan Boomer says

    Dvontay i love that your way more consistent this is what we wanna see fuck the views from the exposing kids at the park we trynna see THESE bangers too

  14. Lom73 says

    I learned a lot from this vid. You should upload these types of vids more ?


    Great Content!

  16. Colin Willitts says

    That two ball against the wall shot would piss me off ❌?

  17. Saint Clarity aka Casanova Brown says

    You doing those drills to cool. It’s nba scouts on here looking at you

  18. Hayden Brun says

    Awesome vid

  19. Andrew Garcia says

    Nate looks like a short Klay Thompson

  20. TyroneLamarIV Gaming says

    aye nathan is back!

  21. Gus Riv says

    I Subbed to your channel about a month ago and I have to say love the content, especially how you play tough competition. You got me hyped to play and I'm at least 20 years older than you, can't imagine how those younger than you must feel. Man, if you were closer I would try to play you even though I know it's no contest. You would probably leave me with a goose egg. Lol
    Thanks for the entertaining and informative content and have a great day

  22. CC NOYA says

    Will be using some of these ball handling drills for sure! Great content keep posting more training videos if you can people don’t understand how hard you gotta work to become as good as you are! Friga for pres 2020

  23. Oscar Hernandez says

    Keep making videos like thisssssss

  24. juan bannister says

    That workouts are frustrating

  25. Pablo Gonzalez says

    this man has been putting in WORK the past month ‼️?

  26. Keenan Lambert says

    Support Joe if you haven't done it yet!

  27. Дмитрий Горбенко says

    Hey, man, tell us about your bounce story?✅

  28. P T says

    is nate tryna go pro too or trying to extend his bball career? he cold

  29. Girard Battle says

    Dude is a great trainer damn he will take someone’s game to the next level

  30. Lebron's dagoat says

    Nathan's a bucket fr!

  31. Eric Moss says

    Didn’t Nathan drop all those points when they were in college

  32. Brandon Lutz says

    Nice workout for sure. Looking clean.

    PS. Audio breaks at 17:45 ish if you're able to pan it to both ears.

  33. Lebron's dagoat says

    Man that looks pretty painful but practice makes perfect…& pain is just weakness leaving the body

  34. Cj The Blonde Don says

    Awesome workout for sure ??

  35. Keirk Eduave says

    That training is nice keep on grinding d'vontay?

  36. Allen Aguilar says

    6:27 was impressive lol

  37. xCrymson says

    That kids gonna be a great trainer some day

  38. Simon_starsp Peter says

    More training videos ? I don’t have a trainer, I can use these drills plz Nd thank you

  39. TyJamar says

    Getting that work in ?????.

  40. zakeryma says

    Get that work champ??

  41. Daniel Lowery says

    I like how buddy kick the ball and stay focus the whole time

  42. illusionary Specialist says

    I saw the thumbnail and thought he was drinking alcohol or something???

  43. Iggy DaGawd says

    Nice Work Frig!!??

  44. Carl Douglas says

    This tuff

  45. Kaine Hyde says

    I don't know if it's just me… but I think D'Vontay's Jumpshot kinda looks like Kyle Kuzma's… At least the hands anyway!

    Loving the Content and all the hard work!

    Excited to see what the future holds on YT and in terms of D'vontay's Basketball Career!

    Stay Up!

  46. Jer Bear says

    This is super dope. Thank you for posting this. Good stuff ConnerWess as well!

  47. Kayode says

    gonna have to practice some basketball for weight loss

  48. Christopher Lemon says

    Keep working my boy !!

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