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  1. It funny how just for a blond Wig she is a completely different person like, dude, they both have the same f*cking face, the same voice, the same body, but nah, one is blond and the other not, they’re totally different people 😂😂

  2. Ew! Now it makes sense why she called it the best of both worlds. Omg. She had sex with two girls at 11. WTF. Her parents are hella disgusting. What kind of parents would let their daughter do that and at 11?? SMFH

  3. Im not crying….. 💔
    I used to sing it when i was kid on the bath times 🛀 since I wasn't understanding English at all….
    I just used to say ( and da word so poword…. ) and some of that meaningless shit…. But i really felt happy singing it…… But now i like it just more and more since i can understand the lyrics…. ♥
    Thank u…. Hannah montana ♥

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