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Follow Guy Martin and his Tyco Suzuki Superbike weapon for a mad dash around the famous Isle of Man TT course in 2014, as he chased BMW mounted Michael Dunlop!

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  1. vadef1 says

    Fearless courageous guys! I bow before you, may God bless you!

  2. docdurdin says

    There is no VS anyone. It's about the lap time, you are racing the course and clock.

  3. Sam Killeen says

    Balls of steel.

  4. Horngam Sarang says

    Tey are not even human

  5. FrowningIke says

    17 minutes of absolute perfection! Wow…..fucking wow!!!!

  6. Robert 1510 says

    Whats speed limit?


  7. Pirjo Pasanen says


  8. Nanang Toni says


  9. newry123 says

    yea guys good. never quite made with the the top boys

  10. abdus sabur says

    Thats Dunlap

  11. Chris O'Brien says

    At 11:04 does Dunlop look back to see the competition? Probably the only point where its possible

  12. Aleem Saja says

    Can you please tell me who is Guy Martin and who is Michael Dunlop.. Who is better. I hope can watch with commentator and live videos like motogp

  13. Lynzilla Hunt showdown says

    can some please move the testicles out of the way ffs

  14. TONE 007 says


  15. 김민수 says

    1분 30초 부터는 진짜 무슨 시간여행하듯이 배경이 잘 보이지도 않네;; ㄷㄷ 빨려들어간다

  16. General Silence says

    Fuck i bet that back marker was surprised when he had mick fly past the left and then guy pass on the right coming out of parliament square haha

  17. General Silence says

    I think you need to dampen the shocks a bit guy shes bucking so hard thats where you a losing time on Michael you cant focus on racing if your having hairy moments and having to recover the bike just my opinion

  18. shankee1987 says

    Play it at 2x speed… That's the most fun we mortals can have

  19. packrcch says

    it takes time to work up to this level.
    things are happening so fast…..
    if something goes wrong you really have no reaction time at all …

  20. james gumption says

    How do they fit on bikes with balls that big?

  21. BUKAN KALENG2 says

    mat rempit sejati

  22. Emmanuel Angel says

    That young man and the camera man is on something, there are also well train….. May help them.

  23. Jean Claude says

    Belle mort !

  24. roy keene says

    Oh come on,don’t do that

  25. Ross Pharlan Miller says

    Lol mentalheads

  26. JPaul C says

    The balls on these guys… One mistake and you're a red stain on a wall.

  27. Revenge says

    I need to sleep.?

  28. Nischal G says

    Irony is the guy infront of him is even faster!!????Goddamn balls of steel!

  29. Rizal Trowbell says

    Ngeri cuk..!

  30. Sean Calvillo says

    Being a life long motorcycle rider and understanding just how incredible and difficult the edge these guys are riding on is just so insane.. No matter how many times I watch onboard vids of the TT I'm in awe. Something as simple as The shadows on the road coming from the trees above must make judging a turn at 170 mph life threatening difficult ..These guys are hands down the best motorcycle racers in world, far beyond circuit racers… But mabey it's not fair to compare the two

  31. Mark Williams says

    What if a fox or a dog run out of the forest, did they have to kill all the animals before the race and what about the human animals who get drunk and run around like animals

  32. lucderan says

    Stop moving your head following the street! You're seated an a chair looking a video!
    (Use Headphones and turn off the lights too!!)

  33. Thilina Aravinda says

    I just can't stop falling in love with the shifting noise ?

  34. Wayne Williams says

    Its firken insane. Total knowledge of course. The speed catching slower bikes,astounding.Im glad Guys retired from tt.So I can enjoy all his other adventures.

  35. Allen Nelson says

    There is NO video anywhere that is better than this?

  36. Leo Jonkers says

    No words, wow!

  37. Mister M H K R 000 says

    Super video bro

  38. Bryan Baxter says

    Why do they not put this on national television.This is amazing.No drama or trash talking.Just humble beyond brave racers.

  39. Eka Fransiska says

    Playback speed 2x

  40. Vartika Goyal says

    How they decide at once where to turn.?

  41. DAW Creator says

    Wow…. truly extraordinary….

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