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Gut Health – Ben Warren's top 10 tips for a healthy gut.


Leading Clinical Nutritionist Ben Warren was invited to the Les Mills International’s office to present his Top 10 Tips on Gut Health to their team.

In this video, Ben will explain exactly what gut health is, factors that influence our gut, and share his simple but powerful strategies to help you start looking and feeling your best for life.

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  1. Har One says

    Wise people will choose to change their habits !!! ….These are my 10 tips 🙂
    1. Trust God
    2. Eat healthy, think about how people ate 300 years ago ( no chemicals,no preservatives,..just raw,simple healthy food)
    3 .Exercise ( sedentary lifestyle is a major issue..our ancestors used to work more physically),be more outdoor than indoor
    4. Keep your mind focused ..always learn..share what you've learned,pass it over to next generations
    5. Be aware that you have an enemy..its not people,Satan is the real enemy..people are just puppets in his hand
    6. Learn to love,learn to forgive..don't keep negative emotions in your heart,mind and soul ..this can have great repercussions on
    your health..speak with God in the morning and
    before you go to bed
    7. Don't stress your mind !! Stop comparing yourself with other people,be thankful for what you have…God knows everything about you,EVERYTHING…things from your past, things you struggle with ,health issues,broken relationships..and so on…don't be upset on Him,he can heal you or can give you grace to cope with your problems….the world is broken,people suffer..don't be a baby,stop feeling pity of yourself,don't act like a victim..shake off the dust and continue to trust God.
    8. Don't live like you have one life( you have one life and a lot of good choices )
    9. Don't be selfish and egocentric,learn to be generous…be a friend to someone,restore family relationships( probably this should be on the top of the list ),love is sacrifice
    10. Accept Jesus as your personal Savior…he will arrange your list,your priorities. Don't be proud,pride is nr 1 enemy…be taught,be humble,surround yourself with people that love you and want the best for you.

  2. Pleroma says

    I neeeeed to meet up with this guy for a full work up

  3. Sherine Miller says

    Clean u colon and feel a thousand present better

  4. Phillip Pelling says

    Coffee is the devil don't drink it

  5. Mark S says

    good quick content; question; is sweet potatoe and potatoe a grain???

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  7. Lila Allen says

    Talk too fast

  8. bosslady1208 says

    This was a great informative video thanks

  9. Karen Contreras says

    Thank you for informative and helpful nutrition tips! Keep doing videos!!

  10. LovingAtlanta says

    ?Awesome info! ?Thank you! ????

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  12. Consciousness Transformation says

    Water or fruit fasting are the BEST things you can do to heal your digestive system – period!

  13. Consciousness Transformation says

    "Tolerating" dairy does not mean it's any good. It makes you acidic and sucks calcium from your bones. Milk from any animal is not meant for humans.

  14. MsPerfectly Imperfekt says

    Help. I am constipated. Haven't poo'd in 2 days! I am scared.

  15. Michael O'Sullivan says

    Is there anywhere in Ireland that does this sort of testing


    At the start of your talk when the lady was telling you about your problem, did you think she was psychic?

  17. Stephanie Carleton says

    Thank you!

  18. Karen T. says

    Oops acv and lemon water with Haital hernia and possibly lpr probably not good, right?

  19. Karen T. says

    ACV and

  20. Diane Bauer says

    Thank you! Wonderful presentation and answered so many questions ?♥️

  21. Jo Rago says

    Start your day with lemon & water. Avoid gluten.

  22. Laura says

    Incredible video, straight to the point and all very achievable!

  23. Didi 2020 says

    OMG this is the best speech I have ever listened

  24. mortenthorpe says

    Top tip… don’t eat highly processed foods… problem gone!

  25. Joe Byers says

    This is a fabulous video! 100% http:4life.com/10644229

  26. raj biring says


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