How to enable Dark Mode for Chrome browser on Windows

How to enable Dark Mode for Chrome browser on Windows

How to enable Dark Mode for Chrome browser on Windows 10


After years of strained eyesight thanks to the blinding white light of

Material Design

, Google has finally realized that it isn’t

conducive to power efficiency

on AMOLED display. For those of us using the


browser on PC’s and laptops running Windows 10, the future is about to get a whole lot darker, and a heck of a lot more relaxing thanks to Google adding a built-in

dark mode

. There are a couple of ways to enable dark mode on the Chrome browser in Windows 10, so stick with us after the break to find out how.



1 Method 1

2 Method  2

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Method 1

There are a couple of ways to get dark mode enabled on your Chrome browser, so let’s start with the most straightforward method that will bring the darkness system-wide to your PC. For such an important feature, it’s surprisingly easy to enable dark mode on the Chrome browser when using a Windows PC. All you have to do is check out the video embedded above or follow the steps below:

  • Check that the Chrome browser is updated to version 74 by opening up the browser Settings, Help and About Chrome whereby the browser will update itself if necessary
  • Right-click on the desktop (or open up System Settings) and click on Personalization
  • Click on Colors
  • Scroll down to the Default App Mode and toggle the Dark option

Method  2

If you don’t want a system-wide dark mode, there is a way to restrict it to the Chrome browser without it impacting on your Windows experience by following the steps below:

  • Right-click on the shortcut you use to launch the Chrome browser and select Properties
  • Tap on the Target box and add –force-dark-mode to the end
  • Click OK to save the changes and then click Menu and choose Exit

Whenever you launch the Chrome browser using that specific shortcut, it will start in Dark Mode. If you need more dark mode on your smartphone or computer, check out the guides below.

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