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Growing Tomatoes Greenhouse in Europe – Amazing Agriculture Technology


Growing Tomatoes Greenhouse in Europe – Amazing Agriculture Technology
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  3. Faris Mehmood says

    Is this method is good for climate? ???

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  5. Justina Kobe says

    Wow! Watching from Zambia. I need the seeds too. How do we access them.

  6. Dheeraj kumar says

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  7. Chittaranjan Hasda says

    Very good

  8. Amrit LIMRA says

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  9. Dr. Esther Lydia says

    Health benefits of Tomatoes

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  12. Sriramulu Dumpala says

    I want this seeds, where I am getting?

  13. raj tirtha says

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  15. satyender kumar says

    It's outstandingly done

  16. Hellen Ng'etich says

    Were am I going to get seeds

  17. Faby Meta says

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  19. Nejc H says

    Growing Tomatoes Greenhouse in Europe and then you see on photo 3 asians

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  23. Mayank Sharma says

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  36. Sandeep Lalotra says

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  46. Ibnkhashaam Master says

    Why do they grow them in greenhouse while natural land are stil alive? I dont trust this technology it may risk human life

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