GROUNDHOG DAY | Part 45 | THE GREEK ODYSSEY FM20 | Football Manager 2020

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Another episode in my Road to Glory FM20 series with Greek second tier side Apollon Smyrnis. This Football Manager 2020 series starts off in the Greek Super League 2 – we’ve got no money, no fans and no idea how to speak the language. But we do have Mrs Wearmouth’s millions, which she’s used to build a state of the art youth facility and some lofty ambitions of Apollon winning the Champions League and Greece winning the World Cup. If she can find a recently retired Kev…

This is going to be a kind of hybrid Youth Academy challenge (but not quite) and Building a Nation (but not quite) save, of course with an added Kev spin…

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29 bình luận trong “GROUNDHOG DAY | Part 45 | THE GREEK ODYSSEY FM20 | Football Manager 2020

  1. Kev, I have a thought on Damian.

    If you want to do the research, check Damians performance in big matches. Basically European play and cup matches as well as with the top teams.

    He may not perform well in them due to a low important matches stat.

  2. U need to look at your attacking coaches and training. You need to get them ALL on shooting training for a couple of weeks cos its clear they NEED IT. But saying that the Olympiacos goalkeeper, Jose Sa is quality and he has been the difference between u winning and loosing.

  3. Try Damian in some of the other roles he can play in. This might get going and stop him firing blanks 😉 I also noticed that he's at high risk for injuries so maybe this is why his scoring has stopped. He probably knows this so maybe rest him for a game

  4. Wondering if Damian doesn't perform well in big matches?? Composure looks a little low, get him trained on a trait that will either help his composure or mitigate the lack of it…..great series!!

  5. I’m going to stick up for Damian. His record is phenomenal in Greek football but he’s had a slump. It happens with every striker on FM at some point throughout every season and unfortunately his slump is coming at a critical time

  6. Very good performance Kevin,you are definitely the thorn in Olympiakos side.So hard to win the League from them but i am hoping you stay away from injuries and give them a kick in the shin and win the League,which will provide a boost for domination.I hope if for some reason the chairman fires you,you would consider going to AEK and continue your Greek domination.Awesome series Kevin.

  7. Love it Kev!

    Good bit of progress made this season so far. Your right about the loans, they just dont care unless your talking €€€

    If you overcome another club which prides itself on HG players you get to face possibly Spurs/Genk!

    Did Genk not knock us out of qualifiers last year?

  8. I love this series, so much, but I am so glad those Olympiacos games are out the way, can look forward to the rest of the weeks episodes. Damian is a problem that needs to be dropped (I know future eps have already been recorded but I hope he is dropped!)

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